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Head Lice is a parent’s worst nightmare! Children often come home from school and contact lice from other students in their school. Lice are so stubborn to get rid of, and it doesn’t take a long time for head lice to spread to other family members. It is a condition that affects adults as much. It is very embarrassing to keep scratching your head because of the Lice. You need to get rid of lice as fast as possible. When people find out that others have lice, they understandably distance themselves from the infected person because the spread of lice is quite fast and easy. Having lice can cause others to question your hygiene as well. It is so important to have a clean scalp! The itching and scratching from the lice can cause a problem in your social life and physical and mental health. Excessive scratching can lead to you accidentally bruising yourself or bleeding. The sensation of something crawling in your hair is also very disturbing for a person. Getting rid of lice is the first thing to think of when you find out you have it.

Treating Lice

There are many lice treatments, and none of them are particularly hard to follow, but you have to be careful. There are natural, medicinal, and chemical ways to treat lice. But the most crucial part is to be regular with the treatments and follow the directions properly and completely. Often lice treatments can be messy as it requires you to wash and comb your hair many times. Selecting the best treatment is important because you must use the treatment which is easy and effective. An effective treatment kills not just lice but gets rid of the lice eggs or nits and makes sure that it doesn’t come back.

Natural methods 

There are many natural ways to treat lice, like Anise Oil and Olive Oil, effectively suffocating the lice and killing lice. These oils are widely used for treating lice. Apart from getting rid of lice, these oils can also nourish your scalp and help you get healthy hair.

Another oil used for treating hair lice infestation is tea tree oil. Tea tree oil has antifungal properties which can help eradicate lice. There are many other remedies like peanut butter, mayonnaise, and coconut oil, etc. The most important factor in getting rid of lice through natural home remedies is wet combing the hair with a very fine comb. The wet combing helps all the dead lice and nits come out of the hair to prevent or lower the probability of re-infestation.

Natural methods are easier to approach and maybe economical for some, but the scientific evidence around their effectiveness is not enough. Most of the home remedies may work for some time but eventually can lead to lice coming back as they are not 100% effective.

Electrical Lice Treatment Kit

One of the best treatments for Hair Lice is to use a Lice treatment kit. These kits are scientifically proven to have the fastest and long-lasting effect and keep lice away for good! Novokid is one of its kind electrical lice treatment kits that combine the goodness of natural and plant-based treatments into its electrical vapor kit. The vapor kit is reusable as well and can easily be used for multiple people and uses. It uses ingredients like vinegar and rosemary and kills Lice and net in just a matter of 10 minutes in just one use! You don’t have to wash your hair again and again or comb them all day. You can say bye to the complications and use this easy tool to get rid of your hair lice fast! The formula is completely pesticide-free as well. The device is very simple and effective. It is suitable for children as well because it doesn’t take up too much of their time. All you have to do is connect the cap to the device, wear the cap and wait for 10 minutes! In just one use, your lice and nets will be gone. The vinegar and rosemary create toxic air for the lice, and they die, while no damage is done to your hair through these natural products.  As a preventative measure, you should use the Novokid twice. But the device is so effective that after that, your hair lice will not return! You won’t even need to wash your hair after this treatment.

Medicinal Treatments   

Some effective over-the-counter medicines used to treat lice are Permethrin lotion and Piperonyl butoxide with pyrethrins. These medicines are effective for treating lice, but they contain pesticides. The chemicals in these medications can also cause your scalp to become dry and hair to become unhealthy.

Some other even medications are Malathion, Ivermectin, and Benzyl alcohol. Some of these medications are only effective on the lice and not the eggs and thus have to be used a few times. These medications also have many heavy chemicals and are abrasive to your hair. It is best to use these medications in a limited form and only use them when prescribed by the doctor.

The Best Remedy 

We can conclude that Lice is a stubborn problem, but there are many ways to eliminate them. Even though natural methods may not work very effectively, one can use them if they don’t have many options. Medications can be harsh to your skin and scalp, and thus it is best to use them only in the case of extremity or when the doctor prescribes them. Using a lice treatment kit is the easiest and most hassle-free way of getting rid of lice. KIts like Novokid don’t use any harsh chemicals in their kits and use natural ingredients. The advanced technology of Lice kits helps to get rid of lice fast and without damaging your hair. The kit includes the entire package and makes it even easier to work with!