The Sony Playstation 5 was announced recently. It is expected, like all other new gaming consoles, the Playstation 5 will burn a premium sized hole in your pocket, in exchange for a state-of-the-art gaming experience.

The cost of games, PC parts, or consoles has never stopped passionate gamers from playing their favorite games on their preferred platforms. Perhaps that’s why the global gaming industry is worth more than $152 billion. However, if there is a way to cut down on the cost of a brand new console, most gamers would be very interested in knowing it.

If you count yourselves among such gamers, this article is for you. For any electronic device, the easiest way to recoup the investment on a new purchase is to sell off your existing device.

People do it for smartphones, they do it with laptops, so it only makes sense that you should also sell your old gaming console to lighten the financial blow of purchasing a new one.

With that said, there is a small issue. Unlike laptops and smartphones, gaming consoles serve a very specific purpose, and hence, only a small niche of people is interested in them. Moreover, many of the folks in this niche already have the same gaming console and some may even have the one you want to buy after selling your current one.

In other words, selling a gaming console can be far more difficult than selling a laptop or a smartphone.

So how do people sell gaming consoles? In this article, we will talk about the various platforms you can utilize to sell your current gaming console for a great price.

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Let us begin:


Gizmogo is an online electronic buyback service and perhaps also the easiest and most efficient way to sell your gaming console.

Their process is very straightforward. Simply log on to the website, select the gaming console you want to sell, answer a few questions that describe its condition, and you will be presented with a quote.

If you are satisfied with the quote, you can select how you would like to be paid for your console. Options usually include payment by cheque, or PayPal transfer, or direct bank transfer.

In the next step, you will be presented with a shipping label. Pack your console, slap on the shipping label, and send it to Gizmogo from your nearest UPS or USPS office.

What makes Gizmogo better than other buyback services is that the sellers (you) don’t have to bear the cost of shipping.

Once they receive your gaming console and assess its condition, they will transfer the promised amount to your account within 24 hours.

video game console, video game, play

Facebook Marketplace

While finding a buyer for your console near your place can be a difficult task, finding one on the Facebook marketplace is relatively easy.

With that said, selling on a peer to peer platform like Facebook Marketplace requires sellers to interact with potential buyers that are mostly looking to haggle with sellers for a lower price.

It is possible to get a decent price for your console on such a platform but the investment of time can turn out to be considerable.

Local GameStop (Or Similar Store)

Another easy way to sell off your gaming console is to sell it to your local gaming store. However, such establishments have a bad reputation of paying extremely low and sometimes unfair prices for used consoles and games. Therefore, we recommend using these stores as only a last resort.


Selling a gaming console is not difficult if you know where to find the right customers.

Do you have past experience with selling gaming consoles or games? Where did you sell them and how was your experience?