We have all seen the cult movies like Casino and 21 where, either by trickery or brilliance, someone beats the house and goes home with exorbitant amounts of money. But, does that even apply to an online casino? Can you beat the odds when you are playing against a predetermined algorithm?

Now, for those with some particular skills, it might be possible to hack the system and change the odds to their favor. But, we will leave that scenario for some work-from-home heist movie.

Looking just at the math, if you are the only player, the odds are never in your favor long-term. But, as we know that there are millions of people playing at all times, we can take some measures to stay above the line and win when others are not.

Finally, there are gains besides money that we can have. The paper we use to trade is nothing but an abstract representation of the time spent on others. Even if we are spending money to have a good time, it is more valuable than if we were to just sit in place.

Beating the House

If we examine the math, it is virtually impossible for a game operator to work at a long-term loss. Even the best games in terms of RTP (return to player) have 99.5%, which means that the online casino will always win that 0.5% spread between all the money invested and all the money spent.

But, that is actually a good thing. Because of lower overheads, losing at an online casino is usually much less taxing, and your winnings can be greater. For instance, the legally required minimum RTP at a slot machine in Las Vegas is as low as 75%, meaning that you must be in the top 10% of the luckiest players to only break even.

With online slots, you only need to be slightly luckier than the average to get on top. You won’t ever ‘break the bank’ because the system will always compensate, but you can improve your own bankroll.

What are the Odds?

The odds will always depend on the game you want to play. Also, it will depend if you are playing against other gamblers, a dealer, or against the computer. Generally, you should always pick the option that is the most fun for you, because only that way you will enjoy every outcome.

If you are the sort that gets excited about winning millions, you should capitalize on that phycology. Playing something like Mega Moolah slots does give you slightly worse odds than regular slots, around 90%, but that comes with the possibility of winning a large mega jackpot.

There are ways to mitigate some of the risks, and you can get on top, but breaking the bank is, regretfully, a mathematical impossibility.

Collecting Bonuses

Because of the rise in online gambling and the safety of profits, online operators are fighting for every single player. This new player’s market means that you may be able to reap a lot of benefits for choosing the right platform.

Primarily, you should always look for the biggest signup bonus. These will range from 50% to 300% of the money you pay in and can go up to several thousand dollars, euros, or pounds.

Obviously, you can’t pull that bonus back to your account immediately. But, you can play through it until it dries up. Regardless if you win or lose, at that moment you should pull out your money and change operators, to get another bonus.

Also, some platforms will have free spins, games, or chips that you can use in the same way as the bonus.

Because gambling is the play on numbers, the more you play the closer to your ‘average luck’ you will get. If you are ever able to calculate that number, you may be a constant winner.

Non-Monetary Gains

Finally, there are things besides money that you can win when playing online. If you are having fun, you are gaining something regardless of the number showing on your screen.

Also, if it isn’t fun: stop. Don’t play if it stresses you out in a bad way, or if you feel discomfort.

But, if you are enjoying it, there is no downside to testing your luck and skill in this way. The same money you might spend on a movie or show you can spend here, and for the same reason.

Finally, while you might not be able to break the bank of an online casino, you might end up with more money than you started with. And, who knows, you just might be the one the algorithm favors to win those millions.