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Is the NFL Wasting Time and Money Trying to Expand Internationally?

The NFL has been considering expanding internationally. This would require a new playoff round and the securing of additional television rights and endorsements. However, expansion is not without risks. Here are some of the...

Is It A Good Idea To Buy Your Own Casket Before You Die?

Traditionally, only funeral homes used to sell caskets or coffins. However, this trend has changed in recent years. Caskets are now available from internet retailers and cemeteries as well. Buying caskets from online retailers...
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When Should You File A Claim For Reduced Compensation?

It's common knowledge that a car's value drops when you drive the car off the lot. The longer you keep driving it, the less money you'll get. And if you're ever involved in an accident,...
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Should you hire a locksmith when purchasing a new home?

In all of the excitement that comes with buying a new home, you can't forget there are certain things you need to do before moving into your new residence. If it's an existing structure,...
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How To Plan The Perfect Travel Itinerary

Although some travelers enjoy showing up somewhere new and seeing where the experience takes them, that isn't the case for everyone. In fact, if you don't put some thought into your vacation, you can...
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Guide: Undertaking A G Suite to Office 365 Migration

For start-ups and small SMEs, the basic version of G Suite is an attractive solution to use for business applications largely due to its price – free. However, it doesn’t take long for organizations to...

How To Start A Tech Business In The UK

The UK, in recent years, has seen a surge in tech startups and tech-related businesses. It has begun to be noticed as one of the most sought-after locations for setting up a tech business....
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How to Calculate Annuity Payments (Annuity Calculator Guide)

An annuity is a type of investment-based insurance contract. For the annuitant or their beneficiary, annuities offer a stream of revenue with recurring payments for a predetermined amount of time, starting either now or...
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Five Tips for Newby Online Traders

The first few times on the job can be unnerving if you're trying to break into a new industry. Furthermore, how you handle your first few challenges can set the tone for your tenure...

How Software Determines the Quality of Your Favorite Casino Games?

Do you frequently visit online casinos? Are you obsessed with finding the game with the best graphics and performance? Are you always on the lookout for the next big thing in the gambling market?...
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Unlock the Potential of Cryptocurrency Gambling

Cryptocurrency gambling has been gaining popularity in recent years as more and more people are becoming aware of its benefits over traditional gambling methods....