A few things can happen when you don’t take sun protection as seriously as you should. Although sun protection should be a priority throughout the year, it becomes especially crucial during the summer when the sun is stronger and hotter than usual. Despite repeated reminders, many people still neglect this, believing that the consequences aren’t as severe as they’re made out to be.

Here are three actual outcomes of not safeguarding yourself from the sun:

Sunburns and Pigmentation Issues

Prolonged exposure to the sun causes a lot of damage to your skin without you even knowing about it. The sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays can prompt your skin to overproduce melanin to protect itself. Still, sunburns can develop when this natural defense mechanism isn’t enough.

Sunburns are probably one of the most common signs of skin damage, characterized by inflammation, pain, and a burning sensation caused by excessive exposure to UV rays.

It’s also worth mentioning that any form of tanning that occurs without proper sun protection is also a sign of skin damage, and this can eventually lead to an uneven skin tone known as hyperpigmentation. This condition, particularly noticeable on the face, indicates sun damage and may take months or even years to fade fully.

Premature Skin Aging

Another massive downside of unprotected sun exposure is that it accelerates your skin’s aging process. A staggering 90% of premature aging is estimated to be caused by the sun. Wrinkles, loss of volume and elasticity, and dullness are the visible effects of long-term sun damage.

This happens because certain ultraviolet rays have longer wavelengths, allowing them to penetrate more deeply into the skin and cause lasting harm, including the loss of collagen and elasticity and DNA damage.

Other Skin Issues and Concerns

The sun can also exacerbate various existing skin problems and conditions. Sun exposure weakens the skin’s protective barrier, making it more susceptible to increased sensitivity, acne, and loss of hydration. Individuals with severe acne are at risk of developing stubborn acne scars and hyperpigmentation, even after the blemishes have healed.

Moreover, excessive unprotected sun exposure significantly increases skin cancer risk. Scientists have said that even a single sunburn can greatly increase the risk of skin cancer due to the extensive damage inflicted on the DNA, which can mutate and multiply without immediate detection.

With everything that can happen, it’s better just to ensure you’re protecting yourself from the sun, especially when spending long periods outdoors. While sunscreen is the most commonly recommended form of sun protection, there are other methods you can adopt, such as wearing protective clothing, hats, sunglasses, and using umbrellas. You can find all of these over at Temu!

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