Android Apps

5 best apps you can use as a personal travel agent

In today's technologically driven world, asking anyone to go through a typical day without using an app is akin to asking a fish to spend a day outside the water. The mobile technologies that...
VPN And Torrents

VPN And Torrents: What’s That And Why You Need It

VPN is used all around the world. The service is used by employees of different enterprises and business organizations; people take advantage of it to access the corporate network. VPNs are also used by...

How to Secure Your Internet Connection from Malware

Make a complicated router password As said on multiple occasions, whenever you make a password, please ensure that it is not too simple. You must have seen portals rejecting easily traceable passwords, asking for alpha-numeric...

What is SMTP Server and How Does it Work?

An email does not just reach the recipient as soon as you press the send button. An email does not follow a straight path to reach the recipient. It has to complete numerous transitional...

How Will the IoT Change Your Daily Routine?

Everyone keeps bringing up how the future is changing thanks to the Internet of Things - but what does that mean, exactly? How will it change? Is that change already here, or is it...

ITIL + IoT: The Connection of Things

Cloud-based services have revolutionized the way people find and consume content. This holds especially true for small businesses in this day and age. These businesses have gained significant value thanks ITIL foundation certification and...

3 Useful Tricks to Keep Track of Your Cellphone

Tracking someone’s phone without their knowledge has become common practice today. There can be many reasons you would want to track someone’s phone. It can be to track your lost phone, concern for your...
Fibre Optic

What Is Fibre Optic Rotary Joint?

Fiber optics is becoming the most commonly used mode of data transmission. They have many advantages over electrical signal transmissions, and they have a wide signal bandwidth.As the applications of fiber optics are increasing...

TempoGo – An IoT and SaaS Platform for Commercial Transportation

Once used as a tool for an application, Internet of Things (IoT) has now become one of the widest ecosystems. It is currently the center stage for industries like energy management, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing,...

The Ultimate Guide of Instagram Features and Updates

Keeping up with social media in this ever-changing virtual world is quite hectic. There are updates almost every week, and it comes with a lot of new features and tools which engages the users....
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