Full Stack vs Mean Stack Developer

Who Is Best? Full Stack vs Mean Stack Developer

It is very difficult to judge who is the best between a full stack and a mean stack developer? There are many factors that impact this judgment; for instance, project needs, type of project,...

Does your graphics card support HDR?

HDR (High-Dynamic Range) has been around for quite some time, but it is only now getting the recognition and popularity it deserves. HDR can drastically improve the quality of the graphics of supported video...

Explain Your Ideas With AI

The whole world is a global village thanks to the internet, and this information is readily available on almost anything. The growth of internet and computing devices means that people are encountering technology they...

The Difference Between Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat

Adobe reader and adobe Acrobat are highly popular PDF viewers which were developed and distributed by Adobe Systems' Incorporated. The two readers are very important tools in the current world of electronic' flow. They...
Pirate Bay

How to Unblock TPB: The Pirate Bay

The most known, however most controversial file-sharing service The Pirate Bay is heard to go underground. The list of countries that block the website is still expanding. The reason? Copyright violation. At least…More information...
Free Twitter Analytics And Management Tools

Best Free Twitter Analytics And Management Tools To Increase Followers, Traffic and Networking

One of the best Twitter tools that you can use is not one that only brings traffic, but also one that converts traffic as well.  Sadly, they don’t make one that converts traffic, but they...
Uber Driver Survey

Is Uber Improving? An Uber Driver Survey.

Survey IntroductionDuring 2014, the Benenson Strategy Group performed a survey to study the reasons behind drivers choosing to work for Uber. Their survey showed that drivers opted to work for Uber since it gave...
WordPress Facebook Plugin

How to Automatically Add Link To Facebook Page: The Ultimate WordPress Facebook Plugin

I belong to about 23 Facebook groups and sharing my post on them using copy-paste is very tiresome and time-consuming. That’s why for the last 3-4 days I was looking for a Facebook plugin...
Air Compressor

11 Steps to Choosing an Air Compressor That’s Right For You

Always follow the right steps when choosing an air compressor for yourself.Did you know that you use the very first air compressors every day? Your lungs are a basic form of air compressor. Our...

Migrating to Outlook: Quick and Effortless Transfer of vCard Files

The majority of people use email daily for various purposes, from home-related to business and entertainment ones. There are many email clients that offer various features, and very often, we exchange files of different...
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