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Adobe reader and adobe Acrobat are highly popular PDF viewers which were developed and distributed by Adobe Systems’ Incorporated. The two readers are very important tools in the current world of electronic’ flow. They can comfortably change virtually any given document into a format of PDF’ and at the same time ensure the content remains intact with the original’ document.

The two can be applied towards viewing, printing, commenting, and making a search through documents easily, although the Acrobat is a highly advanced version of the reader. It also has the capacity to create and at the same time, edit the already existing documents.

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Definition of Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader refers to a small component of Acrobat which was built by Adobe Systems to help open and review Portable Document Format Files (PDF). It acts as a free cross-platform program that gives you an opportunity to build PDF’ documents on your PC and be able to successfully view them from other computers by use of a PDF’ viewer for example’ the Adobe Reader.

You can comfortably access it from adobe reader for Windows 7 32 bit download which is actually free. It is also accessible from some other sources if and only if, they comply with the licensing requirements of Adobe. Adobe Reader is very different from the Adobe Acrobat.

Adobe reader is a very small component but of a huge Adobe family. It has developed with time via different iterations. Alongside printing and viewing the PDF file, you will also be able to execute various commands by use of PDF’ for example, commenting on the documents,’ form completion, changing PDFs to Excel or Word, certifying and signing of forms and many others.

Definition of Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is a highly essential PDF viewing tool. It has the capacity to virtually change document into PDF format, at the same time preserving the appearance and the originality of the content. Through Adobe Acrobat’ you will be able to enjoy’ different features that come with Adobe Reader’ and the ability to comfortably create and edit images and texts on PDF documents. It is just a perfect advanced version’ of Adobe Reader as it comes with other added functionalities, for example, the ability to comfortability scan’ paper documents.

Adobe Acrobat boasts of Pro and Standard version alongside a cloud’ version referred to as the Adobe Acrobat DC. The standard version is known to be an Acrobat Version as it comes with important features which you will find on Pro’ Version except creating actions, pre-flighting documents, creation of PDF portfolios, forms authoring, etc.

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Difference Between Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader

The Basics of Adobe Acrobat and Reader

Adobe Reader’ is a program that gives one an opportunity to view PDF Files comfortably. It acts as a cross-platform’ application. This, therefore, means it ensures the PDF file appears the same on Windows and Mac.

On the other hand, Adobe Acrobat is a more developed version that comes with the reader although it is paid. It boasts of additional features that help to create, manipulate, and print PDF files. Adobe Acrobat has the capability of executing any command which a Reader can.


The Adobe Reader is a highly trusted and free version used for printing, viewing, commenting on the PDF documents. Also, it has the capacity to interact with PDF types of content such as files and multimedia. Adobe can comfortably support various operating systems such as Mac, Linux, Windows, Solaris, and Android.

Adobe Acrobat works only for the macOS and Windows on the basis of subscription. It acts as the standard industry to help create, manage, print, comment on files’, etc.

The Features

Adobe Reader

This basically acts as a freeware which enables you to work on the existing PDF files. It offers the most basic features to help you work efficiently on PDF documents, for example, documents printing and sharing, web integration, sticky notes, email support, highlighting of the accessible options, commenting, viewing full screen, certifying and signing and form completion.

Adobe Acrobat

Acrobat is capable of executing any command that a Reader can do although with a few additions of some features in order to edit and create documents. It gives you an opportunity to include the interactivity features such as the multimedia elements on the PDF document. It will also allow you to encrypt your documents for security reasons.


Generally, both software applications are highly important for printing, viewing, and enhancing search through PDF’ documents. Well, for the Adobe Acrobat’ it is a highly advanced Reader version. It has great capability to manipulate, create and at the same time edit PDF document. On the other hand, Adobe Acrobat boasts of DC version’ that is Document Cloud. It is the only online optional service which allows users to safely keep their documents online and share them with’ others’ through seamless access. Therefore, it should be noted that Adobe Reader is a highly effective free’ program which works comfortably with PDF’ files using very limited features.