How long are we going to deny our children access to technology in the classroom? It’s time we put our reservations against technology and understand it’s the way forward.

5 Ways to Integrate Technology in the Classroom

The average child today is already exposed to technology on a daily basis. Some even know more about technology than their teachers. When integrating technology in the classroom, the focus should be on making it safe and making sure it is a positive learning experience for the students. Some ways to integrate technology in the classroom:

Start a Blog

A blog is a great way to develop your student’s creative writing skills. Start with creating a classroom blog. Upload lectures in the beginning. Get the students to comment on the blog. With time, you can select students from your class to manage the blog. Turn it into a classroom news blog.

To make it even more fun, give different students different roles in the blog. Get them to explore their passions differently in the blog. For instance, one student can handle the photography. Someone can handle logo design and animations. Give each student some kind of role in the blog. You can even rotate the roles.

But before you start the blog, remember to lay down the rules for the blog. Make strict repercussions against cyberbullying in the class.

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Teach Problem Solving Skills

When it comes to problem-solving skills, most teachers fail to teach basic problem-solving skills to their students. The idea of education is for children to get acclimated with the professional world, but with a lack of essential problem-solving skills, it becomes very difficult for them to do so.

Technology is a great way to teach problem-solving skills. Remember the time when your computer crashed out of no reason. It’s very frustrating. Your next step might have been to take the computer to your tech guy.

You don’t have to do that when it happens the next time. Take the problem to the classroom first. Get your students to solve the problem. You can get a lot of help from When your students solve the issue on their own, it’s going to increase their confidence in their problem-solving skills and technology both.

Watch A Movie

Your students are probably watching a lot of movies and videos on the internet. Technology is basically another form of entertainment for most students. When watching a movie, you can turn it into a learning experience by choosing a movie that offers a learning experience.

You can choose a movie based on the book they are reading in the classroom. Get them to compare both forms of entertainment. What are the limitations and advantages of both mediums?

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Do an Email Exchange

I’m sure you have heard of this before. But it’s a good way to develop your student’s exposure to the real world. Ask them to think of their favorite living personality. A good idea is to get them to choose a personality that’s from the same career they aspire to be. Get them to research the personality and get their email addresses.

They could write an email to this personality. Give them pointers while writing the email. For instance, begin with a compliment on the email. You can turn this into a learning experience by asking for tips. Students can also do this activity in groups. Read the email before they send them.

Do a Live video

Live videos are becoming so much popular now. You have a lot of possibilities with a live video. You can get your students to talk to another class from a different country. If you are in any Facebook teaching groups, there’s a good chance you can find a teacher from India or Europe. If the time zone permits, you can do a live video together. Get your students to ask about their classrooms and how it compares with their own.

You can also do a live video with a professional from a topic you are studying in class. It’s a great way to go outside the textbook and explore the practical aspect of the topic. For instance, if you are studying wildlife habitats, you could get in touch with a wildlife explorer or even a photographer for a lesson. This will not only build up interest around the topic, but they will also be learning real-time advice on the topic.

We hope that these five ways to integrate technology in the classroom will improve the learning experience. In the beginning, you might want to start at a low level. See how your children are adapting to technology. Control the way your students are using technology by laying down ground rules and maintaining a constant check on how they are accessing it in the class.