Water plays a significant role in our daily life, and it can also cause some serious disease as well. If you are not in taking purified water, there is a high chance that you might end up having some serious issues regarding your health. Water is essential for living a healthy life, and it helps you to stay immuned. Heart issue is something severe, and of course, one of the reasons behind it is water. Not having a water purification system at home can lead to heart diseases. Hypertension or high blood pressure is a common disease, and the reason behind it is dehydration.

Now Let’s See Why Hypertension Can Put You In Trouble

It Can Damage Your Arteries

The inner lining of a healthy human’s arteries is smooth enough to keep the blood flow usually also these are flexible, elastic, and strong. But hypertension is mainly caused by drinking unpurified water, and it increases the pressure of blood flow through arteries.


If you are suffering from high blood pressure, the constant pressure of blood moving in your arteries can make a section of your highway enlarge and easily form an aneurysm. An aneurysm can cause some internal bleeding, which can turn out to be very dangerous for your health.

Narrow and Damaged Arteries

Hypertension can damage a few cells, and when the fat from your food gets into the bloodstream, it usually collects the damaged arteries. And eventually, your blood pressure will get higher.

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It Can Damage Your Heart

All of you know that heart supplies blood to our whole body. If you are suffering from high blood pressure, the common reason is you do not have purified water, and it can cost your heart a few damages.

It Can Make Your Left Heart Enlarged

Having high blood pressure can make your heart harder than necessary when it’s about pump blood to the rest of your body. The left ventricle of yours can be stiffened or thickened. It will change the usual ability of your vertical and can lead to sudden cardiac death, heart failure.

Heart Failure

Hypertension creates a strain on your heart, which eventually weakens your heart so that your heart can not work efficiently. When your heart is overwhelmed, it will automatically wear out and fail. Make sure you drink purified water; drinking excessive fiber could lead to death.

Coronary Diseases

It directly affects the arteries which supply blood to your heart muscle. Coronary makes the arteries narrow and do not allow enough blood to flow to your heart. It might cause chest pain, irregular heart rhythms, and heart attack.

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It Can Damage Your Brain

Just like your heart, Brain is another part of your body that needs a smooth supply of blood to work properly. But, if you are suffering from high blood pressure and it is getting uncontrollable, then it can lead to some serious damage such as.


Your brain continually needs Oxygen and Nutrients. If your mind is not getting the proper supply of these things, brain cells can die, and it will lead to stroke. High blood pressure will make your brain vessels weak and damaged. Apart from that, it can even cause blood clots to form in your brain.


This is a brain disease which will result in problems with speaking, memory, thinking, reasoning, movement, and vision. High blood pressure can block the arteries which supply blood to your brain. It can also cause an interruption in blood flow to your brain that leads to stroke.

Transient Ischemic Attack

This is mostly known as a ministroke. This is temporary disruption blood to your brain, and the main reason behind this is either a blood clot or atherosclerosis, and of course, both of them arise from hypertension. This is basically a warning of full-blown ant stroke, and you still do not take it seriously, your life can be in danger.

Mild Cognitive Impairment

This could turn out in a very serious problem as it is a stage between the changes in understanding and memory, which comes with aging. It can happen if your brain is facing less blood flow or somehow, the blood flow is blocked, and it only happens if your high blood pressure damages arteries.

Sexual Dysfunction Can Affect Your Healthy Life

● If your age is around 50, it is quite reasonable to face erectile dysfunction. Though the scenario can be a bit different if your age is about 40, and you are still facing this problem, the reason must be hypertension.

● There is a high chance that your arteries have become narrow and it is not anymore able to supply the required blood to your penis. In that case, you will not be able to achieve or maintain an erection, and your life can be messy.

● Women can also suffer from this. If hypertension is uncontrollable, women can face vagina dryness, decreased sexual need, or won’t even have an orgasm. And they might feel anxiety and many other problems regarding this.


High blood pressure is a disease which can lead to some dangerous results. It tends to rise fast, and it can all of a sudden, become a medical emergency. High blood pressure needs to be controlled. Otherwise, it will not let you get a healthy life, and the first step you should take towards its cure is installing a water purifier at your home. Water causes many bacterias and harmful particles, which leads to hypertension. If the blood pressure gets uncontrollable, it can cause.

● Personality disorder, you will face trouble while concentrating, memory loss

● Sudden stroke

● It can immediately damage your artery

● You can feel chest pain

● You can face a heart attack

● I have damaged kidney function

● You might face complications if you are pregnant

Taking proper care of your daily needs, such as water, is mandatory because you never know when it can become the reason behind your death.