Getting penetrated by a needle for relief on your back pain sounds ridiculous? But wait there’s more to it. People can use dry needle therapy if they are suffering from back pain, mid-back pain, neck pain, musculoskeletal pain, and dysfunction, or other muscle injuries or tightness to help to get relieved of the pain. It does wonders!

Now you must be having a lot more questions. What is it? How does it work? What are its benefits? What are its side effects? Well, your questions are soon to be answered.

What is Dry Needling Therapy?

Dry needling therapy is the treatment which involves the penetration of thin needles in your skin at specific trigger points or where your muscles are tight to help you relieve the pain. It restores the functionality of the muscle and the healing process, eases the pain, and makes your blood circulate around your body.

These are the following conditions which can be healed by dry needling therapy:

– Tennis elbow

– Migraines

– Low back pain/tension

– Spinal dysfunction

– Joint dysfunction

– Neck pain

– Sciatica

– And much more

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How Does Dry needling therapy work?

By just sticking the needle in your body and magically making is better is not the technique, there is a lot more to it. There is a lot of science involved in this therapy. When the needle is inserted inside the skin, it creates the process of physiological mechanisms which remodels the injured, tightened, and flamed muscles and tissues of your body. The injured tissue gets replaced by the new tissues of the same type. And your pain eases, and the tightness of the muscles eases as the therapy releases the spasm at the trigger point.

On the whole, that is the main thing which makes it really very effective, its ability to naturally heal the tissues and meanwhile relieving you of the pain at trigger points and fix up the injuries. The entire process of dry needling therapy is painless.

Most people think that there is something which gets injected into the body, but there is not anything. Dry needling therapy is free from any kind of medication. Filiform syringes are used which comes without the tube of liquid attached to it. The syringes are sterile and totally recommended for the dry needling process. Moreover, the procedure is completely harmless. So, you are suffering from any type of pain? Well, don’t think twice and go for the therapy! Find out more and Hire a mobile Therapists now.

The best three benefits of Dry needling therapy

Relieve Pain and Muscle tightness

Dry needling these with the trigger points at specific muscles and body parts so that they won’t further transfer the pain to other body parts. This makes dry needling therapy relaxed effective for reducing the pain and tightness of the muscles.

Let’s suppose. You are suffering pain from lower back or neck; the practitioner will insert the needles at the detected trigger points. Inflammation, pressure, chemicals, and tension by which the pain is caused will be released and eased by the treatment.

Consequently, you will feel the utter calm, the pain will be relieved immediately, and you will feel a range of emotions. If no other treatment is working for you, and you are worried that you may be stuck with this pain forever, then go for dry needle therapy.

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Improved range of motions

Just how it relieves and reduces the pain and reduces the pressure from the trigger points of the muscles, similarly it improves the overall effect and movement of the injury. It gives you various range of emotions and motions as well. If you are a professional athlete, and you are always on the move having back to back tournaments, then constant fluid movements and a range of motion are really good for you.

Let’s suppose you are a baseball player. Let’s take the example of a shoulder. You have to be in the best of your form, and your shoulder needs to be in the full ranges of motion to throw the ball. But by constantly repeating your activity, like throwing the baseball ball, you are just putting a lot of stress on your shoulder. So, it is mandatory that you let the muscles relax, and their tightness reduces.

Through dry needling, this pain can be reduced, and an overall improvement in ranges of motion can be made. And to avoid another injury and discomfort from your shoulder, this is the best way to use. This process of dry needling is very important and effective if we use it in our lives to improve our daily activities.

Speeds up Recovery

Whenever you get into an accident and gets a bad injury, you have to suffer from severe pain. The worst and the longest part of this whole ordeal is the recovery from the injury. Some of the injuries heal faster. But some of the injuries are really long-term and takes a hell lot of me to get better and heals the wounds slowly. Though we all get really anxious at some point to get our whole strength back as soon as possible.

With the treatment of dry needling, it has been said by patients that they healed quicker than usual. That is the best part of this therapy; it is efficient and way too much effective. It helps you heal your wound, relaxes your pain, relaxes yours tightens muscle by just releasing the trigger point and easing your pain immediately. It also gives you full strength with a range of motions. This is the best of the benefits of dry needling as it speeds up the healing process as compared to the other treatments.

Safety Measures

Safety measure is important as well. Make sure before treatment that your practitioner is well-trained and certified. The professional practitioner will not give you a tough time and will know the effective methods of cleaning the skin.

Secondly, make sure that the equipment being used is sterile. This precaution is to stay safe from infections and diseases.