With competition in the job market growing increasingly tough, businesses must use modern, digital recruitment methods to find the right people for the roles they’re looking to fill.

Job Today is a cutting-edge mobile-first platform designed to help employers list and advertise jobs and quickly connect with qualified candidates through meaningful conversations – no longer emails or application forms!

For employers seeking efficient ways to source new talent, Job Today offers a streamlined process to help you manage job listings, schedule interviews, and make job offers much faster. In addition, its location-based job search feature helps you narrow your search by city and enables you to use filters such as experience level or specific skillsets to get exactly what you need.

Finding The Right People = Building The Right Foundations 

Before we dive into how to find employees on Job Today, though, let’s look at what it takes to find the right personnel for your business and how this will help lay the foundations for a successful venture.

Choosing between all the candidates on offer can be a complex process – many factors to consider, such as personality traits, credentials, and even work experience. These could weigh heavily when finding someone suitable for the job who will fit in with your team and represent you positively throughout their tenure.  Here are a few things you should look out for:

  1. Personality: Ask yourself how well this person will fit in with the team. Will they be likely to get along and work cooperatively? An easygoing personality is ideal as this helps anchor relationships between colleagues that could further benefit the business.
  2. Experience and qualifications: Does their CV contain relevant experience and qualifications required to do the job effectively? Remember, no individual can necessarily have every skill needed – but if they have most of them, that’s a sign of potential!
  3. Dependability & flexibility: Ensure your potential employee is always reliable and willing to step up when needed. Flexibility is key here, so kindly ask their availability, given different scenarios throughout the working day. This kind of insight can go a long way toward building employer/employee relationships based on trust and respect, strengthening your venture.
  4. Organization skills: Efficiency should be at the core of any business, so make sure your chosen candidate is capable of managing their time well, working quickly, and keeping on top of tasks comfortably. Productivity goes hand in hand with ambition; having an eye for detail and thinking ahead on potential projects is also advantageous.
  5. Current knowledge: The digital age means that new developments are happening daily in almost every sector. Are they familiar with current trends? Do they have technology-related certifications or training courses to update their knowledge base? This kind of awareness can constantly benefit your workflow.
  6. Description fit: It sounds obvious, but check that their CV matches your needs! Does it blend perfectly into your job advert’s position description and company values? Getting this right will save a lot of headaches (and time) down the line.

Benefits For Employers When Using Job Today 

Job Today provides various benefits for employers who use their services when recruiting new staff. Here are just some of them:

  • Quick hiring: With its advanced technology and innovative user interface, employers can quickly review potential employees’ profiles, making it easier to find suitable applicants. Furthermore, real-time communication between employer and applicant via in-app chat & video calling makes interviewing potential hires easy & efficient.
  • Cost savings: With Job Today, employers save money as they don’t need to pay for recruitment agencies or advertising platforms.
  • Meaningful conversations: As resumes are replaced with profiles on the Job Today platform, it allows candidates to provide far more details about their experience and qualifications than a traditional CV, enabling employers to make better hiring decisions and meaningful conversations between hirer and candidate.
  • Diversity & Inclusion: Job Today’s platform removes boundaries such as location, race, and age, making it easier to find diverse talent and giving employers an advantage regarding diversity & inclusion initiatives.
  • Time savings: No more long emails or forms – just a straightforward, efficient way of hiring new employees in a fraction of the time. From reviewing applications to scheduling interviews, contacting potential hires, and finalizing offers, Job Today makes each process easy.

How To Use Job Today

Using Job Today is easier than ever – follow these five steps to get started:

Step 1: List Your Job 

Write and post a job listing: quickly create job ads that focus on the skills you are hiring for. Ensure you include all relevant information such as qualifications, experience, type of contract, and salary expectations to make it easier for potential employees to understand what they would be applying for. Add links or files containing additional job-related info in the Documents & Links section if required.

Step 2: Review & Connect With Potential Hires

Check profiles: Review profiles supplied by your applicants. All fields (education, work experience, etc.) have been filled out along with their availability details so you can assess whether this fits company requirements. Connect via real-time chat to start meaningful conversations or use the video calling function to conduct interviews.

Step 3: Schedule Interviews

Schedule Interviews: Make it easier for candidates to arrange interviews promptly. You can set these up using the Job Today calendar and timeline view so applicants know when, where, and how long each session will take. This helps reduce recruitment process stress and is far more efficient regarding time savings.

Step 4: Make Offers & Upload Contracts 

Create offers for accepted applicants: Create offers that include salary and other benefit details after establishing fit. Furthermore, use our contract template feature to swiftly email contracts after offer acceptance and get them signed online.

Step 5: Post-Interview Feedback

Give feedback: Provide feedback on declined applications regarding reasons why they were not chosen, as this useful information could help those same candidates improve their skills or tailor their applications accordingly should the opportunity come again in the future.

Finding the right people is essential for any successful business, and Job Today makes this a much simpler process. Its clever combination of in-depth profiles, real-time conversations, and employment contracts enables employers to confidently make smarter decisions on new staff – offering just the tools you need to power your recruitment process.