There are few things better than the big surprise of opening your front door and finding a beautiful arrangement of fresh flowers sitting on your porch. It doesn’t matter what kind of bouquet you have been given; but the best international flower delivery certainly makes any home more inviting and cheerful. The only unsatisfying thing about a bouquet of flowers, however, occurs when they begin to wilt before their time. In order to make sure you get the most life out of your fresh flowers, try this advice

The majority of flower bouquets include a life extender packet. To inhibit bacterial growth in your vase water, it’s essential that you open and pour the contents of the packet into the water as soon as you get your flowers. Bacteria is well known for affecting flower stems and blocking the much-needed water the stems need. If your flowers did not come with a life extender packet, crushing aspirin and dumping that into the water has the same effect.

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Plenty of people don’t know that fresh flowers remain fresh longer when the water they’re in is repeatedly replaced with fresh water. Change the water in your flower vase every few days for the best results. The vase itself should be cleaned very well at the same time, too. Once you’ve replaced the vase water, drop in more life extender or a crushed aspirin again.

If you follow these steps with consistency, you’ll receive the luxury of having your flowers longer, but you must also pay attention to the life extender packet instructions. It is possible to give a bouquet of flowers too much food, which will result in the flowers dying earlier than they should. The water really should be room temperature and must be free of floating debris such as leaves or stems. Leaving these things in the water may cause bacteria that will affect the life of your flower.

Always snip off the end piece of your flower stems when you receive your flowers. Aim for cutting off at least a half-inch to one inch off the stem whenever you change out the flower water, too. Make sure you cut the stem at an angle so that the stem can absorb water easier. Only use sharp scissors because blunt scissors will mash the stems, which will affect how much water the stems can absorb. Should you be worried about losing the appearance of the arrangement while you cut the stems, simply place a rubber band around the stems while you cut, and take it off before you place the flowers back in the vase.

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Make sure that the room you store the flowers in is a cool room. The ideal room temperature for any floral arrangement is between 65 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. If this is not feasible, you can still help your flowers to endure longer by keeping them out of sunlight and away from vents which dispense hot or cold air. Also, try not to position them directly under ceiling fans or on top of electronics which give off heat when turned on.

If you follow these instructions, it will be possible to get the most life out of your flower delivery. For more specific instructions, research the proper way to care for the specific flowers in your bouquet. Depending on the kind of flower, you might be able to enjoy your arrangement for up to two weeks.