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You can always count on trends changing from season to season. This is why it’s great to keep an eye on what’s happening. When it pertains to trendy pieces, you can purchase a few to add to your closet to keep it fresh and current. As you begin to make purchases, consider some of the following trends.

1. Highlighter Hues

Highlighters come in a few standard colors. They typically come in colors like neon green, orange, yellow and pink. Especially during the springtime, look for fashionable pieces that come in these colors. If you’d like to see some examples of jackets, look at If you’d prefer a subdued nod to the trend, wear a fun pair of earrings or an interesting necklace in a highlighter hue. If you don’t mind having fun with the colors, purchase a suit jacket, a blouse or a pair of pumps in these colors. Keep in mind that when it’s time to put together an outfit, it’s best to focus on wearing neutral tones to balance out the look.

2. Loose Suits

While tight, sassy shorts have their space in the fashion world, make room for some loose options as well. Loose, baggy suits are back in style for both men and women. As the weather gets warmer, you’ll want to trade those loose pants for loose Bermuda shorts. For this particular season, you’ll want to get rid of the tight, tailored fit for your jackets and blazers as well. Think about wearing loose, long and baggy blazers that have ornate, fun details like stunning buttons or interesting brooches. If you’d like to see some examples, look at While loose suits are the trend, make sure the fit is still well-proportioned for your frame. If you look as though you’re swimming in the suit, it’s not going to look good. Instead, go for an effortlessly loose look that moves with you.

3. Tucked-In Button Down Blouses

After looking at the fashion runways in preparation for spring, it’s interesting to see the way that designers are tucking in the blouses. Button-down blouses are clearly in style. They tend to be a classic staple. However, there’s a new way to wear them. Instead of buttoning all the way to the bottom, stop at the button just below the belly button. Then, tuck one side of the blouse into the pants. Since the bottom part of the blouse is unbuttoned, it’ll be easy to leave half of the shirt untucked. Whether you’re wearing a printed button-down blouse or a simple denim option, this style is currently a trend to try. Even if you’re wearing a belt, you can still leave half of the shirt untucked for a fashion-friendly spin.

4. Crochet

Gone are the days when crochet was solely associated with your grandmother’s decor. Now, famous celebrities are wearing crochet dresses for major events. The way many women are rocking crochet actually makes it appealing and sexy. There are tons of crochet bralettes that women are wearing under a loose blazer. Wear a crochet dress with nude undergarments for a very sensual look. The juxtaposition of skin showing beneath crochet provides visual depth and interest. While this trend will probably go in a few seasons, it’s definitely a major part of the current fashion conversation.

5. Wallpaper Prints

Think about the 60s and 70s when all of the prints were large, graphic, and ornate. Now, consider those prints when you’re picking out fun dresses, interesting tops, or show-stopping trousers. Look for prints that have bold colors. You can also choose a range of sizes. If you do some research to find retro prints or look at few swatches of wallpaper from the 60s and the 70s, you’ll have a better idea of what to look for when it’s time to shop. While you don’t like wallpaper prints to dominate your closet, it’s fun to infuse a few pieces for the season.

6. Vests

For some people, vests are classic staples that belong in closets at any time of the year. For others, vests are associated with three-piece suits. While both perspectives are fair assessments, it’s also okay to diversify the way you categorize a vest. Vests are excellent because they bring structure to any outfit. If you’re wearing a really loose sundress, a vest will provide a different silhouette that’s both dressy and interesting. If you’d like to take a simple t-shirt and jeans combination to the next level, add a fun pair of boots and a vest for a retro look.

While the trends are amazing, you’ll want to use the classic pieces to pull the look together. This is why it’s always wise to maintain a closet full of staple items like well-fitting jeans, tailored blazers and a great pair of pumps in a few colors. When it’s time to purchase trendy pieces, don’t look at them as investments because they will change with the time. Instead, invest in classic garments. When you pair them with the trends each season, you’ll master the art of curating a stylish closet.