Moving is one of the most strenuous and stressful tasks, not only it puts pressure on mind, but it also takes a toll on physical strength. Finding a good and professional moving company is one of the ways to make the entire process of moving and relocating a little less stressful. However, finding the best moving companies amongst the plethora of service providers available in the market itself is a huge task. To be sure about your choice, you may need to do little homework before hiring a moving company. By putting in little effort,s, you may find the best moving company to share your stress and giving you time to complete all the unfinished tasks before you move.

However, it is recommended to prepare an inventory of things you want to move before hiring a moving company; this exercise will help the company to provide you the right quotation for the job. Once you have done that, follow our tips to find the most reliable and best-moving company to get your job done:


To start with asking your friends and family for the references. You may have a lot of friends and relatives, who must have relocated at some point of time, these people can share their experience with moving companies and can also suggest you some of the best service providers. Also, talking to them may help you to take care of a lot of things well in advance to ensure that you don’t commit the same mistake they did while moving.


Another way to start with is to search the internet for the list of available moving companies. Compile the list of moving companies that your friends and internet have suggested, and then shortlist on the basis of services they are providing.


Make sure to check the experience of the shortlisted companies. Make it as one of the criteria for shortlisting. In no way, we are trying to say that new companies are not good service providers, but experienced companies may prove to be pro in providing such services with much ease and comfort.

Check websites:

Once you have shortlisted the companies, check their websites to know better about these companies. This exercise will help you to know the kind of services they are providing; al,so, most of the companies have an online form filling facility through which you can get the quotation. Also, avoid going for the companies which do not have their physical address mentioned on the website.

Licenses and registrations:

Never hesitate to ask of licenses and registrations required for running this moving business. Hire only registered companies, plus a company that you are hiring must have insurance to ensure that you are not liable for any damage or misplacement.


On websites, you may find the testimonials of previous clients, don’t forget to go through them. These comments and feedbacks are great tools to adjudge the performance of these companies. These testimonials are a firsthand experience of previous clients; however, we recommend checking testimonials for the last three months only to know about the current situation of the company.

Several estimates:

Before you finalize the company, make sure to take estimates from several companies. This activity may help you to compare the services with prices, plus it will help you to negotiate better.

Don’t finalize anything over the call:

Before finalizing make sure to meet the company representatives in person. Clear all your doubts and queries regarding the services they are providing also help them with a quick round of your home. This round will help them to adjudge the load that they may have to move, and thus they can provide you an accurate estimate. Also, never go for a company that provides you estimate without assessing the items that need to be transported. This is just to get the exact estimate and to avoid any sort of confusion at a later stage.

Never hide anything:

Make sure that you disclose about every item that you want to move. If you have any special item like a piano or moving library then make sure to bring that into their notice, as they may need additional manpower and additional packing material for such items. Also, there are many moving companies who do not provide moving services for such items, thus it becomes really important to clarify everything beforehand to avoid any confusion and hassle at the day of movement.

Sign the agreement:

If you are satisfied with the estimate, services, terms, and conditions of the best moving company then go ahead and sign the agreement to seal the deal.

Always remember that sooner you will hire the moving company, the better pricing you can get. Hiring at the last moment may land you in trouble as you may not get the date of your choice and you may end up paying double the amount.