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After the legalization of cannabis, many people are consuming and growing their weed. The first step for mastering the art of growing your own cannabis is to select the perfect seed. However, with the wide variety of weed seeds available on the market, it can be challenging to choose the best ones.

Factors to Consider When Choosing your Seeds

As a beginner, selecting the seeds for you to grow your own weed may be overwhelming. However, we have narrowed down some factors which will make it easier for you.


It’s important to buy your fast growing weed seeds from a reliable company that sells them at a reasonable price. Choose a strain that you are familiar with and popular among home breeders.

While you may be tempted by deals that offer seeds at a good price, unreliable and less-reputable companies tend to trick beginners into buying from them by giving cheap discounts. However, since it’s your first time growing weed, it’s also not wise to spend money on the most expensive and exclusive seeds.


Before picking out a seed, it is crucial to determine whether you will grow your weed indoors or outdoors. While indoor may seem a better choice since it gives you a more controlled environment, the initial setup can be very expensive.

Furthermore, different kinds of seeds thrive on different climatic factors of the environment. Some cannabis strains are strong enough to withstand cold, rain, and harsh weather. They usually grow fast and flower quickly to avoid mold from developing and destroying them. On the contrary, seeds that are perfect for warm summers don’t usually rot but can take some time to harvest.

Types of Seeds

The type of seed you choose is also of utmost importance. There are three basic types of seeds to choose from:

  • regular;
  • feminized;
  • auto-flowering.

Regular Seeds

While regular seeds are cheaper and produce the best results, they are not easy to grow. You want to look out for the female plants since they produce buds. The male plant is only good at fertilizing the female part. With a regular seed, you aren’t sure if it is a female or male plant, and you may end up wasting your time, energy, money, and space.

Feminized seeds

As a novice, feminized seeds are the best option since they produce rich buds. They are guaranteed female plants and are much more expensive than regular seeds. Therefore, it is better to invest in feminized seeds rather than waste your money on seeds that turn out to be male. Furthermore, feminized seeds need 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness in order to start flowering.

Auto-flowering Seeds

As a beginner, these are a good option too. As its name suggests, the flowering cycle of auto-flower seeds is automatic. This means that, unlike feminized seeds, they do not require a light schedule and can start flowering after four weeks on their own.

Medical or Recreational

Although many people consume cannabis solely for pleasure, some use it for medical conditions. It is known to treat pain, relieve anxiety, and provide other medical benefits. Different strains have different levels of THC and CBD. Therefore, it is best to determine your purpose for consuming and growing weed.

Which Cannabis Seeds Should You Buy?

Before buying your first seeds for harvesting, it is important to know the three major kinds of cannabis seeds: Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid, and what effects each one has.

Indica is known to be tougher and harvests faster than Sativa, which needs a warm sunny environment to flourish. Indica also produces a relaxed and euphoric effect, whereas Sativa strains energize and pump you up.

Currently, the most popular strains on the market are hybrids of the two. While one strain is more dominating in the hybrid, the other strain will balance out the effect, giving a more phenomenal experience.

Final Verdict

When growing your marijuana, the first step is to select your seeds. Every seed has its uniqueness and various CBD and THC levels; therefore, it is essential to know your preferences, including the environment you will be growing your seed in and the type of seed you are opting for. Furthermore, you should always purchase from a reliable seed bank that sells reasonably priced, good-quality seeds.