High-speed internet has made one thing possible, if not anything else: The ability to watch anything at any time. Just turn on your TV, fire up your firestick, and boost up a streaming service. There, your entertainment is ready in a jiffy.

This instantness costs⁠— right from a firestick and internet to streaming service, you have to pay for everything. Of the three, two⁠— firestick(or alternative) and internet are mandatory⁠— but cutting a significant cost on streaming charges is possible.

There are numerous free movie streaming apps supported by your firestick-enabled smart TV. And if you don’t go in an ethical conundrum while streaming paid content for free, then following are the apps you might want to try for free movies.

Remember, you might need to Jailbreak your firestick to access the apps. So, first do that and then download any of the following streaming apps:

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Popcorn time:

If the torrent has been your go-to for downloading TV seasons and movies, Popcorn time is an excellent, free streaming platform for you. It works on torrent, basically, but instead of downloading, you stream.

You can watch almost everything for free due to its vast library. However, given its P2P nature, some movies which are not trending and rarely-watched might not stream.


Torrent streaming or downloading is illegal. If you want to watch free movies legally, Vudu is an app you might want in your firestick.

Vudu mostly rents out movies to paid users. But for those who want to watch for free, it has 1000’s, ad-monetized movies in their library across all the genres. The fact that those movies are free does not affect the quality of video or audio⁠— you can watch 1080p HD movies with crystal-clear sound.

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Showbox is perhaps the most popular free streaming platform on the internet. It’s similar to Popcorn time, i.e., it indexes torrent sites to stream content. The User Interface is beautiful. From a user experience perspective, you can filter across genres, languages, etc. and search for your preferred title too.

Most importantly, there are no ads(as in Vudu), and you can stream at the best possible quality without logging in.

Tubi TV

With tens of thousands of free titles across numerous genres, this app available in the Playstore is another good choice for free movies. The best thing about the app excluding free content is it’s malware-free, given its availability on Google Playstore.

In a nutshell, it is a free Netflix alternative⁠— similar functionalities and experience⁠— without the same content.


Enough about movies, let’s change gears. If you love to watch anime and manga series, Crunchyroll is a free and legal streaming app focusing on east-Asian content.

Crunchyroll owns the rights to much popular anime series such as Naruto and Dragon ball.

There’s a paid version to the app as well. The only difference being, in paid one, you can watch as soon as an episode goes live. And to watch the same episode for free, you have to wait a week.

Final words:

If you own a firestick, these are the five apps to watch free movies and series. Not all the apps mentioned are legal, but a few are. The torrent based ones come with huge libraries by compromising on licensing. And the other ones are legal but with comparatively fewer choices. It’s for you to decide which one to choose. That’s it.