Those of us who are in their 30s would know the era when CD players took over Walkman and how slow the internet was and watching a movie online was a dream of everyone. Even having a movie on one CD seems to be a thing from the future and if we just fast forward 20 years we have everything in our pockets and tons of gadgets shown in James Bond movies of the 1980s seem to be a reality.

One gadget can perform so many tasks its unbelievable. From High resolution of the cameras to the online streaming everything seems to be in so much excess, it’s unbelievable. There is no doubt about the fact that almost all areas of technology have improved significantly from storage devices to internet speed and the processors. Every field has made a significant improvement. But from the last few years, it seemed as if we have reached the maturity of tech innovation and there isn’t really anything new to offer especially when it came to laptops and mobile phones.

From the last few years from Samsung to Apple it seemed like there isn’t much to offer for these companies other than better cameras and high-speed mobile phones with a bit better resolution than their predecessors and the same seems to be the case with laptops and computers. Even most people are using the same Windows 7 as they didn’t make themselves habitual of the new Windows 10 interface and above all, it just does almost all the tasks without any issues. But now everything’s about to change so, get ready to sell your old mobile phone before it becomes useless.

Well, that feeling is about to end. The technology has gone far beyond a common man’s imagination. The main driving force behind all main innovations in the last 10 years can be said to be the advancements in Wi-Fi and internet technology. It’s not long ago when it seems to be a dream to have a video call over the internet without any interruptions and then we saw 4G getting introduced and changing the landscape of the mobile phones arena. The wave was so sudden and strong it took away many major players of mobile phones out of the market. Nokia and Blackberry seem to be the biggest losers of the 4G revolution. But that’s all old history now.

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Now in 2019, the world is just on the doorstep of witnessing a revolution bigger than what 4G bought to our lives. Although when 4G was introduced in 2010 the mobile phone manufacturers didn’t quite understand what would be the applications of high-speed internet and that created a room for newcomers such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, UBER, and many others to exploit the possibilities the new speed bought. And almost everyone who exploited the new options was successful. None of these applications would have been possible if there weren’t any 4G capable networks. Imagine having a high-resolution image on your mobile phone and no possibility of getting it across? the high-resolution cameras would be as successful as they are today.

But now the whole ball game is about to change because 5G is about to offer almost 10 times better and more efficient speed than 4G and according to some experts when the technology will reach its maturity which we can expect to be in few years’ time, it would be almost 100 times better than what we are experiencing at this moment in time. Now that speed will not only bring a revolution but we will be able to witness amazing apps related to virtual reality and augmented reality which will make an impression as the world is moving towards a MATRIX. The new apps this expected high speed is about to offer will open many doors for innovation which was not possible before. From entertainment to communications, from traveling to ordering food. Everything is about to get changed. But almost everyone’s about to pay the cost for all of this. Firstly, all gadgets on 4G will become absolute in matters of months as the demand for old mobile phones will decline and without a doubt almost everything related to technology especially internet speed will change.