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Anyone who may be curious about doing some online Workplace training may be somewhat concerned about how they can balance it with all of their other obligations. Especially given now how our working lives have become much more hectic and more and more is being demanded from us by our employers.

The latest data published in the United States shows that some 85 percent of workers in the country are engaged in online learning, whether that be in the workplace or done at home. This shows then that workplace training can be done in modern-day America and that it can effectively improve the skills and knowledge of so many people throughout the country. Many people that work within the online learning space are not at all surprised by these numbers as they know just how accessible it is and how effective it can be. For instance, online workplace training provides participants with a greater level of flexibility, as well as a more personalized learning experience that can work to significantly boost adult learners’ attainment rates.

It provides greater flexibility of schedule in comparison to in-person learning

Having to juggle a full-time job while also partaking in in-person learning, and not forgetting any family or social obligations that a worker may need to meet, can be difficult for even the most dedicated of adult learners. Flexibility in terms of scheduling is something that is particularly important for many adult learners within the workplace.

Online learning courses provide workers with access to the materials around the clock, along with the ability to get in contact with teachers/tutors. They can also use message board services, allowing them to partake in learning no matter where they are (at home or in the office) and no matter what time it is (first thing in the morning or late at night).

Online workplace learning allows workers to schedule their learning around both their work lives and their personal lives, rather than the opposite way around (their lives around their classes).

It provides the learner with an experience that is much more personalized

Although in-person learning is a successful way of learning for many adults, for many it is not the best way for them to learn. A major advantage of online workplace learning is that it provides workers with a plethora of courses and materials that they can use to learn from. This is often available in a variety of different formats, from digital guides, webinars, and discussion forums, to infographics and instructional videos. By having all these options to learn from, workers are able to fully customize and personalize their online workplace learning experience.

Online learning provides the perfect opportunity to both collaborate and interact with fellow learners and even the teachers, so that help with the course material is no longer only limited to office hours. Having course material available at all times allows workers to go back and revisit it at a time that suits them, such as during their lunch break or when there is a lull in their regular working day. Having the ability to do this enables a much deeper understanding of the subject matter to be ascertained.

It makes access to learning much more affordable and accessible

Often the financial constraints involved with learning a new profession or improving one’s skill can act as a roadblock for many adults. The cost of tuition, textbooks, and having to travel to a physical location to learn can quickly become very expensive.

Learning online however can help with reducing the costs of learning and improving one’s skill set, as there is no need to pay out all of the expenses that are associated with in-person learning.

Online workplace learning opens up the option of improving one’s self due to the flexibility that it provides adults with. Previously, some workers may have been forced to compromise their roles or even play around with their working hours in order to be able to complete their in-person learning, and all at a great expense too.

It provides an opportunity for career progression

Continued adult learning is more important now within the workplace than it ever has been. According to the latest statistics, as many as 65 percent of jobs in the United States require workers to engage in some level of online learning. With improved flexibility and accessibility to learning opportunities online, workplace training can provide workers with the opportunity to significantly improve their skill set so that they can succeed in their professional careers.

Developing and certifying one’s skills is vitally important nowadays for anyone who is looking to advance their career in what is an ever-moving work environment in America. Online workplace learning acts as the pathway to acquiring both the abilities and the tools in order to ascertain new positions within the workplace or to change careers altogether.

It can improve learning attainment rates

Learning, no matter what the subject is, is not always easy. However, for most workers, the idea of partaking in in-person learning at a physical location is something that puts them off from improving their skills. However, online workplace learning provides the perfect opportunity for workers to actually finish their training and do well at the same time.

The possibility of online learning and the flexibility that it provides has made workplace learning so much more attainable and easier to do than ever before. Where it was no longer suitable to do in-person learning, learning can now be done so easily.

What the future holds for online learning

It is clear to see that the many benefits to adult learners from online workplace learning are showing now signs of slowing down at all. In fact, online learning is actually poised to become so much more powerful and influential as new technologies develop and become more commonplace within working environments. The likes of artificial intelligence and virtual reality will significantly enhance adult learning opportunities.