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Do you have a Master of Business Administration (MBA), but are looking to go further in your chosen field? If so, an executive DBA degree can help you do so. Here are the main ways that this advanced level of education can advance your career.

 Build Further Knowledge

A Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree is designed for senior professionals who want to take a deeper dive knowledge-wise, beyond a master’s level. The typical student is a master’s degree holder who wants to become better at finding solutions.

This path would appeal to students who want to learn research methods as part of improving their problem-solving skills. Both qualitative and quantitative research methods are typically part of a DBA curriculum.

You will also learn more about business theory in this type of program. Learning the specialized skills to become an even better leader is important. By studying business theory and advancing your skillset, you can expect to gain insights into advancing employee productivity, reducing worker turnover rates, and other issues.

DBA versus Ph.D.: How are They Different?

By now, you are likely wondering how an executive doctor of business administration is different than a doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.). The answer is in the goal of the student.

Typically, a DBA focuses on helping professionals advance their knowledge and learn theories to solve existing business problems. On the other hand, a Ph.D. pupil usually is someone who is working toward an academic job path and wants to expand their knowledge base to help them create original research after that. A common reason for getting a Ph.D. is to become a university professor.

Thus, a DBA program has a more practical on-the-job basis than a Ph.D. research doctorate. The one that is the best for you will depend on your career goals.

Applying Business Theory to Real Situations

As a student of a Doctor of Business Administration program, you can expect to learn more about the theory of business and apply it to your specific work as a recognized leader. You can maximize your time at work by using what you learn in the educational program each month.

During the DBA program, you will learn various research methods, including management research. You will also dig deep into the links between theory and research practices, as well as understanding impact-related research. For example, how do you improve a certain decision-making process in your business based on what the research has found?

Going to School While Continuing to Work

An executive DBA degree can help your career without hampering your ability to work. When you choose an online program, you can keep your current job because of the flexibility that comes with virtual learning.

Being able to continue to bring in income while attending school is important for anyone who has a family, bills, and other responsibilities. Also, continuing your employment enables you to apply solutions learned in the DBA program to your workplace right away.

Rather than worrying that you will not get a quality experience online, instead, you will be confident that your education is one that you can use immediately. You will stay in the current leadership role while studying and completing projects after work, on weekends, and at other times that fit within your schedule.

There are many ways to learn online. A strong program uses a variety of methods so that each student has the opportunity to succeed in the program. There is likely a combination of podcasts, videos, readings, and live discussions over video conferencing software.

A good program will also pair you with an academic supervisor who supervises your research and provides advice when you need it. Having someone senior to speak with is immensely helpful in this type of business program so that you stay on track.

Starting the Executive DBA Track

Enrolling in an online Doctor of Business Administration program makes sense for the many reasons explained above. It provides more practical knowledge than a Ph.D. and helps you find solutions to your business’s real-world problems.

As an executive in business, you know that it is important to have an edge over your competition. By gaining advanced knowledge in problem-solving and business theory through DBA courses, you will be able to do so.

When getting ready to apply to a specific program, always make sure that you have the entry requirements and supply the required documents. Apply before the deadline to avoid any issues and plan out your schedule so that you dedicate time to study and work on research papers during the school year.