How does gambling affect you? It’s undeniable that it affects many people’s health, finances, and social life. Some people have lost significant amounts of money that make them fall into depression. That happens mostly because of failure to budget gambling money, leaving them with no money to pay their bills.

It’s a financial and health problem that makes the gamblers start addressing their addiction and gambling habits. The loved ones of many gamblers will admit that it took them long to realize that one of them was in a gambling problem until they started falling into debts.

Even though the financial problem has solutions, the loved one’s health condition is the most important. We had a session with Jacek Michalski (view profile), a seasoned expert, to discuss the effects of gambling on the gambler’s health. Read on to find out.

Does gambling affect the players’ health?

It’s undeniable that some consequences of gambling that gamblers go through include anxiety, sleeping disorders, develop stress-related disorders, and other health issues, as shown by many past studies. Here are some of the symptoms of a gambler who is going through a phase.


Gambling addicts in Poland tend to exclude other activities hence spend most of their time trying to get the most from the casinos. You will find die-hard gamblers in Poland closed in the rooms and excluded from others.

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Extreme emotions

How frequently do you feel emotionally moved? Probably when something is not right, and that only happens on rare occasions. However, that’s a normal thing with gambling addicts. They gamble often and undergo mood swings and emotions as they wait for the results.

Things even get worse when the outcome fails to go as anticipated. They believe that they must win at the casinos despite the reality that gaming is majorly reliant on chances. They may also want to remain alone. If you are partners, you may fail to know when they are exactly happy and not.

Restless when sleeping

It’s normal to lack sleep on particular nights. That happens mostly when you slept during the day. However, it’s abnormal to lack sleep frequently. Gambling addicts take much of their time gambling just to win bigger rewards.

The more they do that, the make their body gets used to an irregular sleeping pattern. In the end, they get into a sleeping disorder that is difficult to get out of. Also, they go through stress because of losing often.

Using gambling as a solution to other things

One thing that we can’t hide from is the fact that you can’t use an addiction to solve other life problems. Some people leverage gambling as a solution to the problems they encounter. But that’s what the gambling addicts believe. They know that when they frequently gamble, solving their problems becomes easier. But that’s just a misconception.

Suicidal thoughts

It’s the worst action ever. Why must you take your life off when it’s not yet the right time? Most losers on the gambling space find suicide as an amicable solution to their problems, thus ending their life short. As much as we view it as devilish actions, some find eternal refuge in it.

Gambling addicts who fear sharing their problems mostly end up committing suicide to end their troubles. They always imagine how people would see them when they tell them their problems. As a result, they get depressed and commit suicide to seal everything.

What’s the solution?

Seek help

It’s never too late. If you or someone you know is suffering in silence from gambling addiction, reach out to counseling professionals for solutions. Narrating the issue to them will give them an insight into what you are truly going through. That way, you will get help and become better. Don’t allow the effects of gambling addiction to impact your health negatively.

Finally, only gamble responsibly to avoid getting into gambling-related problems. Many people are undergoing many challenges because they took chances about their gambling life. Don’t be a victim.