Over the past few decades, the use of technology has single-handedly changed various industries. Online gambling is one industry that has experienced the impact with many casinos moving from land-based to virtual. In this aspect, smartphone technology is one of the significant technological advances that have impacted the industry.

As a result, you no longer need to leave the comfort of your house to enjoy playing your favorite casino games. Sites such as India slots avail your favorite online casino games as long as you have a smartphone and access to the internet. As the online gambling industry continues to embrace the innovative platforms, the number of players increases, and so is the revenue.

Factors that Influenced the Introduction of Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is not a new thing, and it took shape in the 90s when developers incorporated non-brainstorming and non-interactive games such as snakes in the then devices. As mobile technology continues to advance, so is the type of games you can access on your smartphone. Some of the factors that have influenced the online and mobile gaming industry include:

  • The need for a more holistic experience- mobile developers today understand the need to accommodate more applications and user-friendly interface. To give you a more holistic experience, the game developers focus on developing multimedia and interactive games for those feature phones.
  • The increased digital versatility, unlike TV sets and gaming computers that are limited to your living room, you can access video games on your smartphone when traveling, or you get a short break from your work routine.
  • Affordability- unlike packaging games on CDs, gaming applications are easy to distribute since developers only need to avail game applications on the store for players to download.

Impact of Smartphone Usage on Online Gambling Industry

Smartphones come with amazing features, and different brands are competing to come up with the best devices in the market. As a result, every time a new smartphone is launched, it comes with better technological features that what’s already in the market. The desire to manufacture super gadgets creates an excellent platform for the online gaming industry to create mobile-friendly sites. The use of smartphones to access online casinos has had the following impacts in the gambling industry:

Increased Gaming Experience

Casino software providers nowadays develop mobile-friendly apps that are accessible through various smartphone brands. The availability of mobile casinos gives players an enhanced gaming experience since they’re convenient than land-based casinos.

Introduction of Virtual Reality 

Some smartphone brands such as the iPhones and Samsung S7 support virtual reality, availing the technology to potential mobile users. Using a smartphone that accommodates this tech gives you the freedom to play any game of your choice in a virtual environment. Accessing mobile casino on virtual reality is a unique experience like you’re in a live casino.

Access to a Variety of Games

Gambling operators can now avail digital versions of traditional casino games such as cards, blackjack, bingo, and roulette. These games give you a choice to choose your desired theme when playing. Not only that, but online casino operators can also now host more games online than they could ever do in a landbased casino setting.

Changed Gambling into a Social Activity

Contrary to how it sounds, smartphones have changed gambling into a more social activity than ever before. Players can now connect more comfortably and faster through social media sites linked to respective casinos. That way, you end up having like-minded people connecting and sharing their gaming experience. Similarly, this interaction leads to the growth of gambling tourism, which in turn leads to players visiting real-world casinos.

Availability of Secure Payment Options

The mode of payment is one of the significant concerns when playing online. Fortunately, nowadays, things have changed with the availability of multiple online mobile payment options, which include PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, and Mastercard. With these options, you only need to do a few clicks to set up your payment option, and you’re good to go.

Not only that, but mobile casino providers also make it easy for players to set up their accounts and link their preferred mode of payment. With this option, you can choose a secure auto-payment option, eliminating the need to feed your account details every time you want to make a payment. More so, all these online payment options use secured websites to protect your information from hackers and online fraudsters.

Bottom Line

When choosing the best mobile casino, compare the features to ensure you select the one that is compatible with your smartphone. However, if you feel that there’re some casinos that you’d like to access but are not compatible with your phone, you always have the option to upgrade your smartphone.