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No kidding, from time to time, you will see some well-made Instagram pictures that are quotes from some famous people and blur the whole background to stress the main subjects. Well, if an image has too many things going on in the background, as a viewer, you won’t pay attention to the primary entity but rather see other irrelevant matters. If that happens, I think most of you would try to google how to blur the background of a picture and do it on your photos. Thanks to today’s advanced technology, you don’t have to ask for help from professional photographers with high-end equipment and skills to make that happen. Now, you only need to find a great image editor that can add blurry effects to your photos. You will be able to create the same photo blur as professional photography.

Here in this post, we will guide you to walk through the detailed approaches of how to blur the background of a picture on a desktop PC and mobile phone. All the methods we mention in this article are free and available to use on Windows, iPhone, and Android. So, it is time to dive into the very details and try the most suitable one for you.

How to Blur the Background of a Picture on Windows

For some of you, trying to blur the background of a picture is not an easy job to do. Even though tons of image editors and online services already offer users the features to apply various effects to their photos. However, most of these services are not 100% free without limits. There are specific rules of input and output photos for free. So, it is still hard to do the trick. Thinking of that situation, we have found the perfect Window image editor for you, which is to use WorkinTool Image Converter.

WorkinTool Image Converter

WorkinTool Image Converter is a potent image editing tool that can help users to solve all sorts of image problems. And don’t underestimate this tool just because it is called an image converter. It can convert image formats and has various features to crop size, add filters, text, and many other things. It has all the image editing features to meet users’ needs. Of course, except for the all-in-one software functions, the operating system and interface are also straightforward and convenient for all groups of people. Whether a new image editor or an experienced photographer, you can directly find precisely what you want on the interface and get the job done in a second.

Just for the image background blurring effect, it is no less than the feature of Photoshop. You can simply use this tool to add one of the four blurry effects it offers. And many other customs feature to adjust the intensity and place to get the ultimate satisfactory image you want. It is the perfect image editing software you need to create unique advertising photos. Now, let’s see together how to blur the background of a picture.

Feature in Use

Since blurring an image background is one of the features of editing, the first function we will need to find after downloading is editing. Well, it is not hard to look at. WorkinTool has already made it very clear on the right side of the interface for users to get what features they might need.

After you have inputted your targeted image, find the waterdrop icon. Here you will see the four different image blurry effects that WorkinTool provides:

  • Radial Blur: a particular kind of blurring effect that originates at a single point within an image and blurs outwards (or inwards) from (or to) the issue.
  • Mirror Blur: Making a blurry effect similar to the shadow of the mirror.
  • Linear Blur: Blur the image content by two lines, so the main image will be divided into three parts.
  • Gaussian Blur: A blurring effect that radiates to the whole picture.

Adjust the blurry effect by the place and intensity, and you can get the ideal image you want. After successfully creating the blurry background image, you can save the image now on your computer.

You can see how unique the effect is after blurring. The background is now blurred, and the photo’s main subject is stressed in the middle. Totally fit what users want.

How to Blur the Background of a Picture on Mobile Phones

If you are more like an Instagram influencer and get used to using mobile phones to edit photos, it is ok because there are also ways to solve the problem of how to blur the background of a picture. Whether you use iPhone or Android, you can use the built-in features to adjust the blurry effects on the photos for free of charge. Now, let’s check out the methods.

iPhone Portrait

The iPhone portrait Mode can automatically blur the background for users when taking the photo in the first place.

  • First, open the iPhone Camera and go the portrait mode.
  • Select the ideal lighting of the portrait.
  • Follow the instructions to take the picture.
  • Then the angle is right to shoot. Press the white button to take the blurry background picture you want.

Android Portrait

Like most Android phones, Huawei and Samsung offer self-portrait mode in their camera. So basically, you can follow the steps we talked about above on the iPhone to figure out how to blur the background of a picture. Of course, you can make it blurry in the photo you’ve already taken. Here are the basic steps:

  • Open the Photos app and find the Edit button.
  • Select the Blur button and pick one blurring mode among them.
  • Adjust the area that you want to blur and the intensity.
  • Click the tick icon to complete the job and save it to the original file folder.

More to Share

In this post, we have provided you with the best Windows desktop tool to deal with how to blur a picture’s background. Besides that, we also offer you mobile methods to do that on smartphones, which is convenient for both iPhones and Android. Whether you are a computer user or a mobile phone user, we have given you a free and effective way to ensure that the results can meet your needs.