JCB is a well-known manufacturer of diesel engines in the world market. Nowadays, the company is listed among the top-5 brands in this niche. However, even a high-quality engine can fail if you do not change and check the oil level on time. Except for the fact that it should be done regularly, it all depends on the type of machine, mileage, and how often it is used. So, let’s study the details together.

How to Check the Oil Level in the JCB Engine?

To get the correct result, you should rely on JCB PDF manuals to do everything accurately. Besides, prepare a piece of cloth, a napkin, and a probe. It is necessary to find a flat surface and then perform the following steps:

  1. Warm up the engine, turn it off and let the liquid drain into the pan;
  2. Unscrew a lid of a tank;
  3. Remove the probe and wipe it with a napkin;
  4. Put it back for a few seconds and remove it again.

The oil level should be between the “minimum” and “maximum” marks. If it doesn’t match these conditions, it is a cause for concern. In this case, the excess oil is worse than a lack of it. However, the problem should be fixed immediately in both cases. If there is a lack of liquid, it is necessary to accurately add it, constantly checking its level with a probe. On the contrary, if there is a lot of lubricants, it should be drained by using a specific tube.

How to Change the Oil in the JCB Engine?

There are often circumstances when the oil needs to be changed. Such a situation most often occurs when the fluid has used its resource and got dirty. It is also easy to check if it is clean: you need to use a probe and put a few drops of oil on a neat napkin: if the stain is dark enough and the color resembles coffee with milk — you should change the oil in the engine immediately.

If you want to do it yourself, please take the following steps:

  1. Remove the fluid while the engine is warm;
  2. Open the tank lid, take out the fuel filter and remove the warm oil through the tube;
  3. Fill the tank with fresh oil to the minimum mark, and then accurately continue until it is close to the maximum;
  4. Close the tank tightly.

It should be clear that the regular maintenance of your JCB vehicle should always include the oil check. It is okay to do it yourself since it doesn’t require from you extra knowledge or experience. Just do it from time to time, and your machine will work smoothly until the next inspection.