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What a discomfort to see your little things lying around in your room! Cure solution: buy a dresser! They exist in different forms for different uses, but also in several styles, colors and materials. Fall for a modern dresser at low prices that will allow you to bring real beauty to your room. Follow our guide to find out what kind of dresser you need and how to maintain it after you acquire it at homey design store!

  1. Why buy a dresser?

The choice of the dresser is important in the sense that this centerpiece brings order and harmony to your decoration while allowing you to store your belongings. Whether it is for clothes, toys, or other things, a dresser is an essential piece of furniture in an adult or child’s room!

Another advantage of a dresser is that it is a small storage unit. In fact, unlike a tall piece of furniture such as a wardrobe, a dresser allows you to have a neat design and does not overwhelm the space of a bedroom. If your room is rather narrow but you need storage space, don’t wait any longer and choose a dresser! A suitable furniture item for narrow rooms, a corner dressing table to save space, a low dresser for slightly low ceilings, so many variations for a single piece of furniture!

What if you move? Whether the size of your room, your decoration, or your needs change, a move is always a great time to decide on a new dresser to match your new environment!

  1. How to choose the right dresser?
  • Classic chest of drawers

A dresser used to store your clothes or your linens. Its capacity can largely contain the belongings of an adult or a child. However, be careful not to overload it to ensure the proper functioning of the dresser drawers.

Place it in your bedroom, dressing room, or hallway, depending on how you’ll use it. A bathroom can also be a great place for it, in order to accommodate towels and washcloths.

This piece of furniture is adaptable to all uses, it can indeed be very imposing or on the contrary rather discreet. In addition, thanks to its height, unlike a wardrobe or a dressing room, it gives space for some shelves above, to display photos, place a few knick-knacks, books or a mirror.

  • Dressing table

A dressing table is a derivative of a dresser intended to store makeup/hair/beauty accessories in general, being a space to get ready in the morning.

It is a real beauty space, whether it is a high dressing table to be used standing up or a low cabinet, where you just need to add a seat to be perfectly installed.

Topped by a mirror, and sometimes accompanied by lighting, this is the ideal place to store your small things and get ready in the morning! To make the most of your space, you can even choose a corner dressing table.

You just have to choose the layout (sitting/standing), the dimensions, as well as the number of drawers or other storage spaces, and create a new style for your interior!

  • Chiffonnier

Chiffoniers are taller and thinner storage units than conventional dressers. They have between 4 and 6 drawers and are ideal for storing small laundry and other accessories that would not have found room in your storage spaces.

  • Material and style

Our dresser models cover all available styles and can adapt to your decoration and any interior: you will inevitably get the room of your dreams perfectly suited to your taste!

  • Solid wood

Rustic Dresser: usually a dresser in light or white solid wood, which brings to your interior the warmth and softness that you find in a country house.

Ethnic Dresser: made of more exotic wood, ethnic style dressers will make you travel and bring a total change of scenery to your interior.

  • Panel, MDF, or imitation

Designer dresser: bold and artly shaped, painted glossy white or gray lacquer, an ultra design for decor with a strong temperament!

Contemporary dresser: clean lines, sober colors, modern and contemporary dressers are both chic, easy-going, and adapt to any space.

Classic dresser: sober and easygoing, classic dressers suit everyone, without the risk of making a mistake!

Scandinavian dresser: an essential trend in decoration, Scandinavian dressers give light and warmth ‘cause of the spirit of Nordic interiors!

Young habitat dresser: specially designed for the optimization of space, young habitat dressers are both perfect for small budgets but also intelligently designed for studios or first apartments!

Child/baby dresser: changing dressers for small children and babies allow one to metamorphose them while enjoying storage.

  1. How to install and maintain a dresser?

To install your dresser, measure the space that will be intended for it. Remember not to forget to provide a space in front to allow the drawers to open fully, and for ease of use.

Moreover, some dressers come assembled, so be sure to check they will fit through your stairwell or your door jambs. Otherwise, you will just have to carefully follow the instructions and assemble it yourself.

Place it in the intended location, wipe it with a damp cloth before using it for the first time, and start storing your things! Just a piece of cake!


The maintenance of your dresser will depend on its material:

Faux leather: one of the simplest materials to maintain! Use a sponge to wipe off the dust and your dresser will be clean. The perfect solution for large families or small budgets.

Wooden dresser: a more complicated to maintain item – for raw wood or white wood dressers, you will need a toothbrush dampened with hot water and black soap. For items in teak, pine, walnut, cherry or raw oak, you can use a quackgrass toothbrush dipped in bleach.

Particleboard or MDF: even easier to maintain than faux leather dressers, particleboard simply requires a splash of soapy water or window cleaner and drying quickly!