Vaper’s tongue is a problem that you’ll encounter when you convert from cigarette smoking to vaping. Cigs weaken your sense of smell and taste. After around a week of quitting smoking, you should notice an improvement in your senses sharpness. But your brain will be so shocked by these changes, that it freaks out and turn them down. It is an often seen experience.

But this condition often happens to vapers who will from time to time, lose the ability to taste vape juice. It happens when you don’t switch juices often enough. As a result, you’ll temporarily develop a tolerance for the specific flavor. On average you’ll lose it in 3 days, but sometimes it lasts up to 2 weeks.

According to some people Sub Ohm tank reviews it’s more likely to get this condition when you’re sub-ohm vaping, but it’s not true. No matter what style, device or juice you’re using – vaper’s tongue is a problem that you’ll encounter no matter what.

Although this condition doesn’t hurt and won’t prevent you from nicotine absorption, it’s annoying, because it makes it impossible to enjoy your favorite flavor. If you want to fully enjoy vaping again, and get rid of vaper’s tongue, read these methods. They’ll help you escape from this annoying problem.

Switch juice

You likely have your favorite flavor, and you’d like to use it forever. But this is the most common reason you got a vaper’s tongue. So switch up your vape juice, and experiment. Who knows, maybe you’ll find and like a flavor that you’d never try out if it weren’t for this?

If you have a flavor that you bought in the past, but you didn’t like it, it’s the perfect opportunity to use it.

Unflavored base

Vaping an unflavored base is like taking a break from vaping but doing it at the same time. This type of juice doesn’t have much taste; it’s just slightly sweet. What’s nice about it, though, is the price. The unflavored base is way cheaper than flavored ones, so thanks to the problem you face, you will be able to save a little money.

Mentholated flavor

Using menthol flavors allows you to refresh your taste buds. This organic compound doesn’t have to smell or even taste for you to perceive it. It happens because it activates thermoreceptors, and that’s how you can feel it. Not everybody likes this flavor, but if you struggle with the vaper’s tongue, it might be the perfect solution for you.

Take long breaks

If you’re a chain vaper, it’s going to have terrible effects on your smell receptors. You should strive to take longer breaks in between vaping. If you find it hard, you may want to increase your nicotine level. That should satisfy your needs, and therefore make you able to take longer breaks.

Reduce caffeine and alcohol

Drinks containing caffeine or alcohol not only dry out your mouth, but they are diuretics – they increase your production of urine. Because of that, you have to go to the toilet more often, and that might lead to dehydration. If you have dry mouth, it’s recommended to limit drinks containing these two substances.

Drink a lot of water

Vaper’s tongue is often caused by dehydration. When you have headaches, sore, dry mouth, your urine is dark, and you often feel tired, it might indicate that you’re dehydrated. Drink more water, especially if you vape often. It’s not only critical for your health, but it’ll increase your satisfaction from the flavor.

On top of that, you should take care of your oral hygiene. Consider using Biotene or similar products that help when you have dry mouth. It comes in a number of forms, so you won’t struggle to find the perfect product for you. Many oral cleaning products contain alcohol, but Biotene is alcohol-free. Surprisingly, one of the Biotene ingredients is PG and VG, which are components of e-liquids.

Clean your tongue

It’s essential to remember about your tongue. In order to fully enjoy the vape flavor, you should keep your tongue clean. Avoid the mistake that many people make, and when you’re brushing your teeth, don’t forget to also brush your tongue.

Stress or anxiety

Stress and anxiety have an impact on how you perceive the taste. Although we don’t know much about taste changes caused by stress, it’s sure that your taste buds adapt to the situation. Your taste is more sensitive, and flavors might feel much different. If possible, try to remove the stressor, as that should help you get rid of the vaper’s tongue.

The methods above are more than likely to help you with the issue. However, if you tried all of them, and none brought the desired effects, you might want to contact your doctor or dentist.