Had a new kitchen installed and want to elevate it to the next level? Then it could be time to bring in some smart devices. The most basic day-to-day items are continuously becoming more and more advanced. Who knew ten years ago that today we would be able to ask small devices, such as the Amazon Echo to play music, read out recipes, turn our lights on or let us know what’s happening in the world?

As technology has become more advanced, we have been able to introduce more smart devices into our homes. If you have been wanting to incorporate some into your kitchen, here is a list of items that you might find useful. This technology does not always come cheap, however, so before making any purchases, ensure that you have carefully budgeted for your new gadgets.

Automatic hand soap dispenser

Prevent bacteria from spreading around your kitchen and invest in an automatic hand soap dispenser. Simply put your hands under the sensor, and this fantastic gadget will dispense the soap for you.

Instant Pot Smart WiFi

Schedule, cook, monitor and adjust the progress of your meal while you’re on the go with a programmable multicooker, like the Instant Pot Smart Wifi. Not only is this piece of equipment a slow cooker and cake maker, but it can also be used to steam food, as well as make yogurt. Once the food is inside, it requires no stirring – simply monitor the progress of each meal from your mobile device. And you’ll receive notifications throughout!

Smart coffee makers

If you only tend to function properly after you have had your morning coffee, you can now ask Alexa to have it ready for you for when you have just rolled out of bed. With a smart coffee maker, you simply need to use the Alexa app or talk to your Echo and voila, it’ll be ready for you to take a sip!

Automatic pan stirrers

Do you find it a struggle to focus on ten things at once when you’re trying out new recipes? Allow an automatic pan stirrer with a timer to remove some of the hard work – this lifesaver will stir any dish for you until you’re ready to serve your meal. Simply pop it in the pan and set it to however many minutes you like!

Upgrade your kitchen today with some of these fantastic smart devices.