Competition, gambling, and even specific food&drinks are a major part of modern sports culture. Even ages ago, the main purpose of martial arts in Western civilization was entertaining the rich and the powerful; though, in the East, they were primarily associated with philosophy and self-awareness. So we can say it is only logical that millions of people buy WWE tickets every day to watch wrestling. Let us dive deeper into this exciting phenomenon.

The giant of the sports scene, football, played in all countries of the world both on professional and amateur levels, is also the center of a billion-dollar industry, trading not only in advertising and merchandised products but also spreading influence through social media. There are many reasons why football has gained such popularity. First of all, it is fairly easy to play, and it requires a quite significant group of people. It makes it comfortable for PE teachers at schools and, probably most importantly, it does not require a lot of money, so children can play it outside regardless of how much money their families have. One just needs a ball and some area they could aim at. It is also quite spectacular to look at as it includes a lot of running and tricks. But how can we justify the fact that millions of people all over the world choose to watch two adults in funny costumes throw each other in the ring?

And we are not talking exclusively about adults or, for example, men. Statistics show that children and teenagers of both genders like watching professional wrestling on TV as they are not allowed to attend offline fights. This can definitely not be explained through the simplicity of recreation. In fact, only up to twenty percent of Americans who buy Pro Wrestling tickets would like to participate personally and/or have done it in the past.

Of course, there is the TV that influences people of all ages, nationalities, and genders. WWE was especially popular on TV in the 90s; however, you can still find it on specific channels at basically any given time of day and night. Since then, the industry gave us not only wrestling champions but also influential media personalities and Hollywood stars such as The Rock, Hulk Rogan (who was excluded from the fighting scene but has made it to the big screen at some point and even had a cameo in «Rocky» alongside Sylvester Stallone)

Even so, the actual reason why so many people find it delightful to watch two sweaty people (mostly, but not exclusively male) fighting and dramatically screaming at each other is different. Psychologists who have researched the impact of sport and martial arts on people say that watching people fight allows us to participate mentally and, therefore, find a way to let go of anger without hurting anybody. The challenges of everyday life often make us furious, though civilized society rarely gives us a way to unleash these feelings, which can be harmful to mental health.

Another question emerges: why wrestling? Boxing is popular in modern culture. Most people know top boxers, and some watch them on TV, but it is still low in popularity among adults. Martial arts are still practiced in all countries, but no representation in media since Jacky Chan and ⁇ Karate Kid».

Wrestling is more popular as a way of entertaining oneself because of the rituals that surround it. Some people appreciate the fighting, others like to look at costumes, and some like listening to the fighters roasting each other verbally. Of course, there is a level of drama that is hard to find even on television.

It is also not a coincidence that so many fighters continue their careers as actors or media personalities. People love them for their charisma and the way they present themself. We can say it as it is: if you have handsome and exciting people on TV, you will probably enjoy them doing anything. Shows such as «Dancing on Ice,» «Dancing With Stars,» «Bake Off,» and «Next Top Model» have proven this theory long ago. You are not watching them because you are particularly interested in various ways of cooking sponge cake. You are watching because you fall in love with the characters. Many people are lonely and like to surround themselves with TV personalities.

Is wrestling online as good as visiting the real show? Seeing an actual show allows you to dive into the atmosphere of WWE fans with their specific drinks, food, and language. There is a lot of emphasis on fighters’ performance, what it looks like, and what kind of impression they make. Often the only way to feel their influence is to see them near.

The statistics around the USA show that WWE is broadcasted in more than 185 countries today. It is translated into 30 languages and is regularly watched by about 1 billion viewers all over the States. And this is actually the least popular it has been since its establishment in 1963. The reason why it is now not as popular as it was in the 90s is that people now have more options and often prefer The Internet to television. There were also a lot of doping scandals revolving around prominent wrestling figures that might have made viewers skeptical about the whole idea.

However complex the reasons may be, after almost sixty years, WWE is still popular among TV viewers and real-life spectators who hunt for tickets to see the legends perform. The simplest explanation is that since the times of Ancient Greece, people have always wanted Panem et circenses – bread and games. WWE seems to be the ultimate game.