Climate change is a real problem and we are already witnessing the impact around us. Unprecedented heatwaves and cold waves, polar vortexes, forest fires, and a dozen other natural disasters are a common part of global news. The reality is that it is human choices that had triggered such a situation over the years.

Interestingly we can also fix the problem and keep the climate from deteriorating further by simply tweaking up our life choices collectively. Do you know that even using a simple tote bag can play a significant role in improving your natural ecosystem? All it takes is a little effort and smarter choices. Here are some interesting ways that can help you save the environment.

Reusable Grocery Bags

Grocery shopping is one of the most common, regular, and universal activity for every adult that lives on earth. Every time we shop something, we tend to buy a plastic bag and bag our purchases in it. Plastic bags are all about convenience since they are super cheap and can be disposed of after use. The problem begins once they are disposed of. Plastic bags have a very poor tendency when it comes to breaking down.

It can take a minimum of fifteen years and a maximum of forever to have these bags broken down and dissolve in the environment. As a result, every disposed of plastic bag finds its home in landfills and remains there while newer bags join them every day. You can do your part by replacing disposable plastic bags with reusable tote bags. Totes are easy to carry and can conveniently hold all your groceries every time.

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Water Purifiers

Access to clean and healthy drinking water is your fundamental right. Unfortunately, the regular water that we get from our taps is not fit for human consumption. There are hard minerals, salts, and other pollutants that require filtration. Consequently, people resort to plastic water bottles for drinking purposes. While bottled water is a great way to access clean drinking water, at the end of the day, the container is made up of plastic and is to be disposed of.

When you dispose of plastic bottles, they end up in landfills like any other plastic material and results in increasing your carbon footprint. You can easily eliminate this problem by installing water purifiers at home and at work. The purifiers are designed to filter your regular tap water and make it safe and healthy for human consumption. That means you will not have to rely on bottled water and can have access to safe water. You can survey the market to look at an appropriate purifier that fits your budget and space requirement,

Kitchen Gardening

The vegetables that you get from the market are full of pollutants, such as insecticides and pesticides. Using these vegetables also means that you are somehow paving way for dumping agricultural waste into the landfills and seas. Interestingly, you can easily eliminate the problem by growing vegetables yourself. All you need is some soil and water and you can have your pure organic produce.