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Cisco Certification is the most authoritative certification recognized by the IT industry. This paper introduces some basic knowledge of Cisco network certification and expounds on the benefits of obtaining a Cisco network certificate.

Cisco Certification is the most authoritative certification recognized by the IT industry.

1. Why should we study Cisco?

The network industry is a highly competitive field with the development of technology. As a result, the demand for highly trained network experts is increasing every day. But for the most experienced professionals, keeping up with the latest technology can be a huge challenge. In order to remain competitive and successful in the pursuit of employment, appropriate training is essential to expand your knowledge and strengthen your professional choice.

In 1993, Cisco System INC established a series of courses for Cisco Certified Internet Engineers from junior to senior, that is, from Cisco CCNA, Cisco CCNP to Cisco CCIE, in order to meet the increasing demand for more computer network professionals all over the world. Cisco professional certification is conducted across the principles of network design and network support, providing engineers with rich and flexible choices for developing their careers and businesses so as to make them very successful.

2. What is the employment direction after obtaining Cisco Certification?

After obtaining Cisco Certification, the main employment direction is a network engineer and network administrator.

3. What knowledge and skills do candidates need to master to learn CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE?

Cisco Certification attaches great importance to the combination of theory and practice, so it requires candidates to master the knowledge and flexibly use skills to solve practical engineering problems. As long as candidates have the courage to face new knowledge and the ability to learn quickly and a basic understanding of computer operating systems and networks, everyone can learn.

4. With a poor English foundation, can candidates learn Cisco?

In fact, Cisco Certification Exam is ultimately a professional examination in the computer field. English involved in it has no complex grammar with a relatively simple sentence pattern. The rest is specialized vocabulary. All specialized vocabulary will be explained in class.

5. I’m in college. I want to get a high salary!

Cisco Certification is the most valuable international certification in the Internet industry. Graduates having Cisco certification will become popular among major enterprises.

6. Who needs Cisco Certification?

There are three main types of personnel participating in Cisco network certification training:

A. College Students

Faced with fierce competition, every college student is working hard to make themselves stand out in the talent market. One more international certificate is undoubtedly a magic weapon to make them stand out in employment and other competition.

B. Some people who are confused, have no professional future, and hope to change careers and enter the IT industry

When people are re-choosing a job and entering the IT industry, it is also necessary to obtain IT certification and professional skills through training.

C. Network, professional technicians

Cisco Certification is a certification with a great reputation in the Internet industry. In China, engineers who have passed the CCNA Certification exam have an average annual salary of more than USD 3100. The average annual salary of engineers who have passed the CCNP Certification exam is more than USD 6200. The average annual salary of engineers who have passed the CCIE Certification Exam is no less than USD 31000, which is only the basic salary, excluding bonuses and other non-wage subsidies.

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