Traditionally, only funeral homes used to sell caskets or coffins. However, this trend has changed in recent years. Caskets are now available from internet retailers and cemeteries as well. Buying caskets from online retailers prevent customers from paying the extra fees that are added to the final costs when purchased by third-party vendors such as Costco, Walmart, etc.

In the United States, the funeral business is worth $20 billion annually, and coffins make up most of that revenue. While it is a good idea to purchase your casket before your death, many people find it difficult and emotionally challenging.

One major advantage of buying your own casket before you die is that you can significantly reduce your funeral costs. You can buy it from an internet provider like Sky Caskets and many other sites.

Is It Legal To Buy The Casket Before Death?

Yes, it is legal to buy the casket, and no law requires you to buy one from funeral homes only. The funeral homes must accept the casket you bought without adding extra charges.

Is It A Smart Idea To Buy Your Own Coffin?

There are some practical aspects to consider when purchasing a coffin.

Monetary Benefits

If you’re the kind of person, who does some research before making a big purchase, buying a coffin before you die can be the right thing to do. At the time of the funeral, your family members could end up spending thousands of dollars at the funeral home for your casket. Since they are at an emotional loss and overwhelmed with grief, they may be willing to pay the amount requested by the funeral home.

The Burial Venue

Check your state’s regulations regarding the burial of bodies in your residence. Some jurisdictions even allow burial ceremonies to be held on one’s own property without using a funeral home or needing to purchase a coffin from a specific supplier. Always check your state laws if you want this funeral plan.


A funeral is an important event that honors the deceased. If you buy your own coffin, you can personalize it according to your tastes and give it a unique touch that will represent your personality even after death.

Environment Consciousness

Our world is fighting several environmental concerns, and you might be a responsible person who cares about the environment. Green burials are the best option as they do not pollute the area. You can check out online retailers for various caskets made from sustainable materials like linen, wool, etc.

Costs Of Burying In A Casket

According to the FTC, the price of a casket can range anywhere from $2000 and go as high as $10,000, depending on the material and design. The average cost of a burial place in the United States is $2500. However, the price may vary and can be significantly lower in many states.

Storage Challenges Of A Casket

The apparent difficulty with purchasing a casket before death is storage. Certainly, it is not an item you would like to keep in a place where you have to see it every day. Not a happy reminder! To begin with, the standard dimensions of a casket are 24 inches broad and 79 inches long. You can store it in a dry garage or loft space where the coffin can be hidden away and can be conveniently accessible when needed.

Can You Build Your Own Coffin?

While it’s not illegal to build your own coffin in the United States, certain states require coffins to meet specific requirements. This is especially true when the deceased dies due to contagious epidemics or other environmental problems.

If you purchase a casket in advance, there are several eco-friendly options, from simple burial shrouds to human pods. It’s always good to explore your options.