Are you worried about forgetting to turn off the stair lights and causing the electricity bill to go up? Congratulations, you found the trick. Motion sensor stair lights are undoubtedly a popular product for staircase lighting. Their mystery lies in their ability to sense your approach. And use this as a basis to turn on the stair lights. Moreover, the LED stair lights controlled by motion sensors can be turned off automatically, avoiding unnecessary power waste. Want to learn more about motion sensor stair lights? Read on. 

How do motion sensor stair lights work?

Motion sensor stair lights use infrared sensing technology. They catch moving objects that emit heat in the sensing area. When the PIR sensor detects your presence, it drives the LED stair lights on. And when you step out of its sensing area, the LED stair lights will automatically be turned off within a few seconds. This means that the LED stair lights will only turn on when you use the stairs. And for more idle time, the LED stair lights are kept off. This further reduces your energy consumption. 

Less energy consumption means fewer electricity bills for you. I believe this is an aspect that many users care about before purchasing LED stair lighting. You don’t want your staircase lighting to cost you a ton of money. It’s not affordable. So, in terms of energy consumption, motion sensor stair lights are worth your consideration. 

1. Why choose motion sensor stair lights?

Before we invest in staircase lighting, in addition to considering its cost, it is more whether it is worth our investment. First, motion sensor stair lights only allow us to turn on when moving in the stairwell. This saves a lot more power than leaving the LED stair lights on all day. Second, they can illuminate blind spots in our vision that we don’t normally see. More peace of mind when going up and down stairs. Motion sensor stair lights are the best choice if you want to have stair lighting and want to save money. 

Combining LED lighting and human body sensing functions is a major feature of motion sensor stair lights. You can enjoy the safety that LED lighting brings but also get intelligent control. Motion sensor stair lights can be used in conjunction with other staircase lighting. Don’t worry about it affecting your existing lighting. Moreover, they perform well both indoors and outdoors. 

2. Motion sensor stair lights for indoor stair treads lighting.

Stair step lighting is the most common form of lighting a staircase. It can provide enough light in the stairwell to ensure that we do not have accidents when going up and down the stairs, whether in dim conditions during the day or at night. Typically, this kind of step lighting uses LED strip lights to illuminate each step. The LED light strip is composed of multiple continuous LEDs, which are more suitable for linear stair steps than a single LED light. 

What kind of changes do the motion sensor stair lights bring to this staircase lighting method? Generally, the LED stair lights for all steps are turned on and off together. The motion sensor stair lights are different. It allows you to control how the step lights come on. It can be step-by-step light up in sequence. It can also be a group of steps to light up. And it is all up to you. 

3. Motion sensor stair lights for outdoor stair lighting.

Outdoors we can use solar energy for stair lighting and deck lighting. Unlike other LED stair lights that are powered by electricity, the solar motion sensor stair lights directly convert solar energy into electricity for lighting. The installation is simpler, and there is no complicated wiring. Very suitable for outdoor use. 

The outdoor solar motion sensor stair lights are suitable for installing on the stair facade to illuminate the stair plane. Or installing them on the wall side of an outdoor stair is also a good idea. Wherever you need LED lighting, you can install motion sensor stair lights. That way, wherever you go, the LED lights will come on. 

Installing motion sensor stair lights is a simple matter. Motion sensor stair lights are always a good choice, whether for indoor stair lighting or outdoor stair lighting. Not only does it ensure the safety of you and your family going up and down the stairs, but it is also economical and energy efficient. Why not consider motion sensor stair lights? Sometimes, just worrying and not acting is not a good thing.