In the gambling world, they say “there is no such thing as a sure thing”. And everyone knows that other popular cliché “if it looks too good to be true it probably is”. But every cloud really does have a silver lining and professional skeptics might just want to take a closer look at ‘no deposit betting offers’ before declaring ‘what’s the catch?’

The world of gambling has changed unrecognizably during the past 20 years. Firstly credit account telephone betting changed the landscape but then the advent of debit cards and the ability to ‘pay on’ for bets cast the doors further ajar. But online betting allied to simple payment solutions and relaxation in advertising laws has delivered us a betting explosion that has yet to hit the mushroom cloud phase.

Online Betting Revolution

The slackening in advertising regulations means you will be hard-pressed to find a top-flight football team that is not endorsing an online bookmaker of some kind while PayPal, Paysafe, bank transfers, Neteller, Skrill/Moneybookers, Apple Pay, and Google Pay have joined debit cards as an easy way to fund a betting account. Oh, and there is a new boy in town, not one that is endorsed by the leading UK and publicly listed betting organization’s mind – it is called Bitcoin.

In short, betting online is in your face more than ever and betting online is also easier than ever. But to keep this juggernaut going online sportsbooks need enormous marketing budgets to continue to bring in new customers. Within the industry, it is called Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and each ‘A’ (a single-player acquisition) comes in at a pretty penny.

In an attempt to lessen this lofty overhead many online sportsbooks utilize affiliate advertising which encourages middle-men (for the best part website and social media feed owners) to promote their wares for them. This certainly lowers their marketing spend but more recently cost-effective new player acquisition has been achieved by pushing ‘no deposit betting offers’.

The Bookmaker Always Wins?

From the perspective of ‘Joe Public,’ these are not only the best way to make profit without playing any of your own money, they are the only way to show a guaranteed profit without risk of losing money. It’s time for another cliché to make an appearance: ‘the bookmaker always wins”. True and untrue. By awarding winnings to customers who have not jeopardized any cash online sportsbooks are actually on to a loser but by acquiring new customers at the cost of a free wager with restricted win potential, they are collecting new business more cheaply than ever before. Winner winner!

A no deposit betting offer does exactly what it says on the tin, it gives new account holders a free bet without the traditional requirement of depositing or jeopardizing any money. However, never blessed with foolhardy generosity, online bookmakers have been good at limiting such free bet offers to ‘one account per household’ and have taken a lot of steps to ensure clusters of new fake accounts are not landed on them. These have the potential to cause a lot of financial damage without the upside of attaining genuine new customers, and here is how…

A winning free bet pays out its winnings without the stake included, so a tenner on a 2/1 winner will deliver £/€20 to the new account holder. So far so good but do be mindful, technically only one-in-three of all 2/1 shots will win.

Covering All Outcomes

However, it could be possible to beat the system by covering all outcomes in a darts or snooker match where there are only two ‘runners’ in the race, or even football where there are three potential outcomes: home win, away win, or a draw.

So if two or three ‘friends’ decide to open a new betting account featuring a no deposit required free bet and use them to cover all outcomes in a football match, one of them is sure to achieve a profit. Suffice to say multiply the three friends scenario many-fold and winnings from this failsafe betting system will rise accordingly.

And for those who are genuine account holders (not bots) the ability to spin-up a relatively risk-free buck continues beyond the initial new customer no deposit free bet stage. Other free bet offers are awarded as ‘reload bonuses’ which are given to customers who replenishing their online account with fresh cash.

Other Ways To Get Free Bets

Free bets are regularly awarded as ‘consolation prizes’ to existing customers in scenarios such as their horse being beaten into second by a favorite or it falls at the last flight of a hurdle race. Similarly, amongst sports betting, you can find many free bet offers for Grand Slam tennis matches where you will receive a free bet bonus if your player goes two sets ahead in the match but loses.

Then there are ‘justice payments’ which come under a ‘fair play’ banner meaning a free bet will be issued to customers that, for example, back a horse which refuses to race or who weighs-in with the incorrect racing weight after the race and is disqualified by the stewards. Finally, there are loyalty bonuses where those customers that do place regular bets are given free bets in return for their loyalty.

With so many free bets floating around and bet placement courtesy of desktop, voice recognition, mobile app, and even WhatsApp becoming easier and easier, the great no deposit free bet promotion is likely to remain a permanent fixture within the online betting landscape for years to come.