allanlau2000 (CC0), Pixabay

Gone are the days when people used to sit and dig information with respect to the Bitcoin. In today’s world, cryptocurrency has started dominating over the conventional currencies, and there are so many online and offline businesses that have started working alongside cryptocurrency by integrating their services.

Most of Bitcoin traders have started transactions only using the Bitcoins, and that shows the popularity of this digital currency over the conventional ones. We have tried listing out all the online and offline services where you can use Bitcoins for the transaction.

Shopping online

There are a lot of online merchants that have started accepting Bitcoins from the users for the services or the goods that they sell. Majority of Electronics goods and services vendors have started collaborating with the Bitcoins services from websites like Bitcoin Up Website – The Official BitcoinUp Site 2020, and this has made the lives of most of the Bitcoin traders pretty easy as they can easily make transactions with just one click of a button. There are a lot of other online merchants that have started selling their goods like furniture, jewelry, bedding, and many others using Bitcoin Holdings.

International travel tickets

There are several travel agents across the globe that have started using the Bitcoin services for their advantage. As Bitcoin is a global currency, most of the travel agents have started booking air-tickets for their customers with Bitcoin. Booking flights with Bitcoins have been pretty easy as everything happens faster and conveniently and you can also save a lot when it comes to the tax payment and service charges too.

Hotels and resorts

This is another place where you can actually go ahead and spend your Bitcoins without any inhibitions. There are a lot of hotels and resorts that have started integrating the services of Bitcoins to make it easy for the customers to enjoy their vacation.

If you have always been worrying about sharing your debit and credit card details while making bookings on your accommodation when you are traveling, you do not have to worry anymore as most of the hotels globally have started accepting Bitcoins. You do not have to share any of your sensitive information now with anyone else. Also, if you are planning for space travel you can always book your travel tickets using Bitcoin.

You can buy games and movies

Some of the giant software industries have started working alongside Bitcoin with their integration, and this has made it very easy for the movie buffs to invest and purchase the movies. The movies can be easily bought by using their Bitcoin wallet on their Xbox Store or any other accounts that you hold from Microsoft Company. All the games that are manufactured by Microsoft can be purchased using Bitcoins, and this is yet good news for all those Bitcoin traders that were looking forward to spending that Bitcoins.


If you are fond of raising funds and making donations for charity as a sign of gratitude, then you can always make it through Bitcoins because nobody can tax the money that you spend using Bitcoins. As you are helping someone else to live their dreams, you are also saving a lot of money towards your tax, and this is another place where you can actually invest your Bitcoins wisely.

Restaurants and food joints

A lot of restaurants and food joints have also started accepting Bitcoins. You can now get rid of all those long queues where you had to stand and wait for your food to arrive and then the waiter at the table standing with a paycheck for you to make the payment. With just one click of a button, you would be able to easily make the payment for the food that you have ordered.

Taxi services start accepting Bitcoins

This is definitely going to come as a surprise to all the Bitcoin traders because there are a few taxi services that have started accepting Bitcoin payments in order to make it easy for the customers. However, this is completely dependent on the location.

These are some of the online and offline places where you can spend your Bitcoins without any issues. Making transactions using Bitcoins is always safer than doing it through conventional currencies.