For a calm beginning of the day and to relax the body folks these days join yoga sessions. Be it home or somewhere else, yoga postures are a great muscle workout. After a long sweaty yoga, don’t you feel a bit off-functioning and dehydrated?

Well, yoga is a fantastic physical activity. When you indulge in yoga sessions for a long time, it causes a loss of essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. But I can suggest you a great way to recover every of your nutrient’s loss.

It’s too simple, can you guess it? Alright, let me end my guess play. “Smoothie.” You heard me right. As the post-yoga snack, what can be more refreshing than smoothies!

On my last trip to Guatemala, I discovered an incredibly soothing smoothie recipe. Smoothies always catch my heart, so I always keep looking for excuses to make smoothies. But that one was different. Finally, I recreated that one, and it turned to my favorite post-yoga smoothie.

I’m sure that even you feel like taking the sip of my favorite smoothie after your yoga classes. Admit it. So, let’s get ready to fill yourself with a fantastic smoothie recipe!

Essential ingredients

I have kept my smoothie simple with a bunch of nutritional ingredients:

  • Leafy greens: To get the maximum healthy outcome, I prefer greens like kale, sprouted spinach, and especially the avocado.
  • Fruits: For this fruity smoothie, you can add any fruits of your choice. I usually add frozen mango, blueberries, bananas, raspberries, and peaches. Half a cup of each frozen fruit will work here.
  • Milk: Coconut milk is the perfect match for my favorite and healthy post-yoga smoothie.
  • Nuts: I choose raw almonds for my nutty and fruity smoothie. But, you can use raw cashews as well.
  • Coconut water or coconut oil: To mix all my additives well, I have chosen coconut water instead of pure water. Coconut oil also works.

Optional additives

  • Cucumber: If you feel like making the beverage a less thick in consistency, feel free to add some slices of cucumber.
  • Seeds: Tossing seeds like raw pumpkin seed, hemp seeds, or flax seeds give your smoothie an enzymatic power.
  • Spices: To add a bit of savory, you may use a pinch of cinnamon, a knob of ginger, and a quarter spoon of turmeric.
  • Powders: Adding maca powder or raw cacao is entirely optional. But you can try it out.
  • Butter: I more often opt for coconut butter being a coconut benefit lover. It adds extra creaminess.
  • Sweetener: Honey goes well with my beverage recipe as a sweetener.

Needed kitchen appliances

  • Blender or mixer
  • Measuring jugs
  • Measuring spoons

To get the idea of the best smoothie blender and other appliances, you may check the kitchen site review.

Steps to prepare my favorite post-yoga smoothie

Three simple steps you need to follow and your after-yoga smoothie will be ready in minutes:

  • Toss: Toss the fruits, greens, milk, and all other additives of your choice in your blending machine.
  • Mix: Mix all the ingredients and blend it for a few minutes. Stop blending when you get your desired smoothie creaminess and thickness.
  • Serve: Pour your delicious smoothie and enjoy every sip to relax from the after-yoga effects.

Useful tips

  • From my perspective, it is better to use chilled and frozen fruits than ice cubes.
  • Always use fresh fruits and veggies.
  • Do not spill too much of milk or oil. It can disrupt the perfect consistency of the drink.
  • For toppings, I use some slices of berries and scratched coconut.
  • You may also use low-calorie maple syrup as a sweetener.

Nutritional fact

Per glass of this smoothie will serve you with:

  • 282 calories
  • 8.5 grams of fiber
  • 42.8 grams of carbohydrates
  • 12.2 grams of fat
  • 6.4 grams of protein

Why a post-yoga smoothie?

Yoga routines give you relaxation, and I’m aware of it. But what about the losses you face for sweating up in such a lengthy workout? Still, thinking why I am suggesting you this relishing post-yoga smoothie are? Check the following reasons:

  • The smoothie is a low-calorie beverage with enough fiber, protein, and anti-oxidants.
  • Its prep is super-quick and easy.
  • Variety of nutrient intake in one glass.
  • Fabulous in taste!
  • It regenerates your worn-out cells.

Now you know my post-yoga smoothie. So, what’s holding you now? Give it a try and meet up with your demands of nutrients.

Glow yourself up with high energy and refreshment after each of your yoga sessions with my suggested smoothie. Healthy and delicious at a time. You’ll crave for more every time you have it!