Online casinos now offer so many different games that you might wonder how this can happen. Isn’t there a limit to the number of slots and table games that exist? Well, if we look at some of the most interesting niche casino games, we can see how they cover a variety of fascinating subjects.

Different variants of roulette

Roulette is one of the oldest casino games around, with its history stretching back all the way to the 18th century. You will find classic versions, based on both the American and European rules, with the main difference being that the American variant has a double-zero pocket, leading to a slightly higher house edge.

However, as you delve deeper, you will find a wider variety of roulette titles on most online casinos. For example, some sites have a live casino section where a human dealer spins the wheel and releases the ball onto it in front of your eyes.

Some of the most unusual versions of roulette include a double-ball game where you have the option of betting on the number where either or both of the balls will land. A recent variant is Lightning Roulette from Evolution, which has a lightning effect as a random multiplier is applied.

French-style bets are also offered on some roulette games, with the en prison and le partage rules giving players an advantage following losing spins.

Scratchcards on different themes

You might not realize that casino sites also often have a selection of scratchcards. They work in a similar way to real-life scratchcards, as you move across the screen to rub off sections that reveal whether or not you have won an instant prize.

Many different themes are covered on these cards, from Ancient Egyptian gods to shopping trips, sports, and cool animals. While they all work differently to some degree, they are typically divided into sections with different ways of winning.

For anyone who wants a fast, fun way of wagering, this is a good choice. Among the most popular options is Merlin’s Millions from NextGen Gaming, with the target being to match three of the legendary magician’s items.

Asian card and dice games

The massive popularity of some Asian card and table games means that many of them are now included on some online casinos. A good example is sic bo, in which the player places their chips on what they think the outcome will be once three dice are rolled across the screen.

Pai Gow is a traditional Chinese game that is played with dominoes. Yet, an online version that uses cards and is called Pai Gow Poker has proved to be popular. Basically, the idea is to beat the dealer with two different poker hands, made up of five and two cards, respectively.

Dragon Tiger is a game that you probably won’t see very often, though it is on some internet casino sites. This is a simple, action-packed game that is quite similar to baccarat. All you have to do is guess which hand will get the highest-numbered card.

Slots for every taste

Check just about any online casino and you will see that the biggest games selection covers slots. You will often see dozens or even hundreds of titles on here. While the general idea is similar on all of them, there is enough variety to suit just about every taste.

The first thing you will notice is the huge variety of themes, with superheroes, witches, Norse gods, and music stars all commonly represented. You will also see retro slots with just three reels, as well as modern versions that have five reels and a wider range of features on them.

A look at the luckyland slots’ bonus reveals slots such as Kongo’s Adventure, Enchantress Luna, and Gold Rush Pete. The features on slots often include free spins and bonus rounds, but others offer a faster, more straightforward approach.

Native language games

In the past, people all over the world would play pretty much the same casino games. However, the introduction of live dealer games has allowed for a native language element to be added to them now.

This means that a player from just about anywhere in the world can play a casino game with a live dealer who speaks their language and understands their culture. This has led to titles using the likes of Swedish, Arabic and Russian dealers.

Finding the perfect casino game for your taste is now easier than ever before – if you take a moment to think about what you want from it.