Every homeowner dreams to cook smarter. It does not only save their time but conserves their body energy as well. We’re not saying that cooking with low-technology appliances is a heartbreak for homeowners, but if you’re the type of person who’s always running after the clock: work schedules, meetings, dinner dates, important family events, friends’ party, etc. You have to back yourself with high-end appliances to get everything done in time.

Though many businesses allow you to order online via navigating their respective apps, there are still times when you want to cook it yourself. Maybe because you want to make sure that there is no added salt in what you eat and you want to ensure that every ingredient put is 100% healthy. There are also be instances when you just wanted to be creative in your kitchen, wanted to try new parts, and see how it will end up. At this case, having high-technology kitchen appliances will do you a huge favor.

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How to make your culinary life easier?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a chef, foodie, or a recipe junkie. The thing is, it’s impossible for anyone to not fall in love with the joy of cooking. It does not only feed the physical tummy but relaxes the mind as well while being creative on what ingredients to add. If this sounds so you, connected appliances and high-end kitchen devices are quite ideal gadgets to have in your home.

Did you know that every single year, there are over 60+ new brands that pop out in the market? Few of these models are introducing electronic parts that could quicken the whole cooking process. This is one of the reasons why it’s even become more difficult to pick your bet for the kitchen gadgets you wanted to buy. Actually, as a homeowner myself, I had a hard time choosing the right appliances to place in my kitchen. I have even tried spending $400 for a rice cooker that has disappointed me due to reduced functionality.

I am much of a sticky rice lover; it’s just that the mushy and softness is very appealing to my tummy. So I bought a rice cooker, it was working great at first, then after a few months, it’s automatic heat feature stopped working. I was pissed; I had to try a few rice cooker for sticky rice before I have landed on the perfect one. I have learned that buying expensive appliance does not always guarantee durability.

So, that was my rice cooker story. I have dedicated this article to homeowners out there who are a foodie just like me. I have enlisted the best gadgets to have in your kitchen this very year of 2019. What’s impressive about these new appliances is that they make sure that you’re on the right track when you’re cooking. It will let you know whether you are following the recipe or not or whether you are putting too much salt or any ingredient.

These various kitchen devices that I have included are guaranteed to make your culinary life much more comfortable. Some of them are full and multi-purpose devices that allows you to do much stuff with it. You can’t expect for a “coffee maker” to be on the list, but appliances that will take your cooking life to the next and more manageable level. So, without further ado, let’s get started and see what’s on our list!

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Perfect Drink Pro

One of the essential gadgets you want to be in your culinary team is the Perfect Drink Pro. It’s perfect if you’re the type of person who loves to mix and bake ingredients to come up with the ideal cocktail tailored to your taste. It’s fun to use and quite very useful. These gadgets will be connected scales that work together with an app you will have to download on your smartphone or tablet.

The primary purpose of having the app on your phone is to make sure that you’re adding the ingredients in right proportions. Meanwhile, the scale’s response function is to monitor the shaker and the bowl in real-time. It tells you what part to pour and how much. What’s quite intriguing and fresh about the Perfect Drink Pro is that it can automatically adjust if you happen to spill too much of one ingredient. The app is full of recipe list, and you can even add your to it also.

Another helpful gadget that you should be getting for your kitchen is the Weber Kitchen Thermometer. This gadget is a Bluetooth-connected monitor that uses probes to measure that temperature of the different dishes that they’re cooking. What’s cool about it is that you do need to watch or observe a stick around the whole time to see the numbers rise, but you can connect it with an app on your smart device, so you will be notified when your dish has reached the desired temperature.

These two cool temperature is must-have for your kitchens; you will be able to monitor the dishes you’re cooking in the comfort of your smart devices. These are fantastic little gems that would make your culinary life more comfortable in the kitchen space. If you’re the type of person who wants to experiment with drinks, these will be handy tools for you to have.

Sous Vide

It’s always been every cooker’s goal to produce a dish that is perfectly cooked. Everything must be there, including the crisp and the texture. The cooking sous vide is a new technique that has been popularly used over the past few years. It has been considered as a newly adopted technique in the timespan of the culinary sciences.

It involves a sealing process which ensures that there’s no moisture loss and the water temperature is just right so the food will never have to be overcooked. The dish result is always tender and delicious. Many sous vide devices have popped out in the market lately, and a lot of foodie junkies are really into knowing what it could offer. After all, who wouldn’t want a 100% perfectly cooked food?

There will be a vacuum technique involve which is used for cooking the dish with a very prices temperature. This has always been proven to produce perfectly cooked meals that I’m quite sure you’ll dearly love.

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Anova Precision Cooker

The Anova Precision Cooker has inspired with sous vide technique. This gadget allows you to cook your dish at a strictly kept heat temperature. There will be an immersion circulator that you can place on the side of a stockpot or a large plastic box. This will ensure that the water will be heat at your desired temperature down to the degree. This is a fantastic precision cooker that will help you achieve tender dishes as a finished result.

Countertop Appliances

Thanks to technology, countertop no longer function as only food storage spaces. With the newly designed countertop appliances mainly from LG Smart and Samsung Family, you will be able to roast, bake, or cook any of the food you have stored in your countertop. It comes with a camera inside so that you can view the whole process of roasting and toast on your smartphone or your tablet. It’s super convenient to use, and I bet that you feel excited to get your hands on this coolly discovered appliance.

What’s impressive is that you don’t have to set the temperature or time. What it needs is your confirmation on what type of food you want, and it’ll do the rest. These high-tech appliances allow you to change your cooking duties from struggles to “piece of cake.” These appliances also store your food and when you wish to roast any of them. It’s as easy as snapping your fingers.

These are just some of the list of the high-tech appliances that will add more life and attitude to your kitchen. If ever you have been struggling with your culinary duties in the past few days, this list will be able to turn your cooking challenges into cooking comforts.

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You do not have to spend a lot of money; you can start by buying one new appliance this month than other the next. Going bigger does not need to be done ASAP. You can take your time and analyze your budget wisely, so you can ensure that you are not overspending while expanding your kitchen space.

Larger smart appliances like the ones that came from the production of LG and Samsung allows you to monitor and check the machines. You can make sure that you have enough ice or not for the upcoming party you might have in the evening via your smart device.

As you can tell, it’s super convenient and cooks smarter. This helps you to check whether you already need to go out and do some grocery shopping or you still have enough to last for weeks. Before I end this article, what is the best appliance you have found on the list and why you want to have them? You can share your thoughts in the comment sections below. Thank you for reading!