Red Dead Redemption 2

Westerns have always been popular in Hollywood, from The Good, The Bad, And the Ugly, to the modern-day movies we enjoy today like the 3:10 To Yuma and No Country for Old Men. But the genre has also made its way seamlessly into gaming, with dozens of great titles and all manner of storylines and ways of playing.

It’s an era that is full of excitement, so we’ve run down some of our favorite Western games for you to enjoy today…

Red Dead Redemption 2

The Red Dead Redemption franchise has long been huge and just about the best game within that series is Red Dead Redemption 2. Released in 2018, Rockstar Games created one of their finest pieces of work in prequel ling the original game.

Set in 1899, the game follows Arthur Morgan, an outlaw, and member of the Van der Linde gang. You play as the title character and must look to survive and deal with the decline of the West as gangs, the law, and many other adversaries look to stop you.

The game can be played on most consoles as well as PC, and really does offer a thrill a minute.

Shaman’s Dream

Shaman’s Dream couldn’t be more different to Red Dead Redemption and is in fact one of a wide range of online casino games which are inspired by the Wild West. Developed by Eyecon, it’s one of the most popular online slots on the market and focuses more on the Native American side of the Western, rather than gun-slinging cowboys.

The slot itself has a solid range of bonus rounds which really make the slot stand out from the crowd, with a solid jackpot and a minimum and maximum bet to suit all types of players.

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger is the fourth in the Call of Juarez series and is a first-person shooter that dates back all the way to 2013. However, it has been updated and relaunched since, with a Nintendo Switch version released only in 2019.

The game offers duels galore in a story that is set in 1910s Kansas, where Silas Greaves, an old bounty hunter enters a saloon and starts telling old tales, in which you must play out.


Outlaws is a retro game that dates to 1997 and was released by Lucas Arts, using an enhanced version of the Jedi game engine featured in Star Wars: Dark Forces. The game is one of the best in the genre and was only available for Windows upon its release.

The first-person shooter sees you play James Anderson, a retired US Marshall who returns home to find that his family has been kidnapped. The aim of the game is then to get them back, and there are plenty of twists and turns along the way.

West of Loathing

West of Loathing is very different from the more traditional Western adventure or shooter games in that it is a comedy. Set in the Kingdom of Loathing, a rather strange frontier, players take on the role of a character who leaves their family form to go and seek fortune in Frisco. The graphics are made up of stick drawings, and the levels are a little bit barmy, but it is often cited as one of the best Western games of the last few years. Available for Windows, Stadia, and Nintendo Switch already, it’s expected that West of Loathing will be given the mobile app treatment very shortly.