Tamas Adam from Swiss Casinos is the 2019’s best European Dealer after participating in the European Dealer Championship. Adam chats with Daniel Connelly about the championship and sharing with us ideas of how to be a great croupier.

The Croupier

A great croupier has to be consistently good, which means better than good. A croupier can positively impact the handle. Operators know this and players will have a great time at a table with a great croupier.

Tamas Adam gave us an insight into his past. He enjoys meeting and interacting with people, so 14 years ago, he saw a notice in the newspaper, about offering training courses to become a casino croupier. He started together with 32 people and finished with 12 people. After one month of working in casinos, only three from 12, continued to work as croupiers. Others gave up because of the nerves and counting problems.

From the remaining 3, Tamas Adam is the only one still working in the casino industry, with the others working in the IT industry and Hotel industry. All three work in Switzerland. Another reason for Adam to continue as the international opportunities the career as croupier gives. He grew up in Hungary, and he wanted to work in foreign countries. He wanted to try the casino industry because he had this impression of the casino, what would be to work in it. The curiosity was from seeing casino movies and casino discussion in the media.

For Adam, being a croupier means every day is different. There can be new players, the same players or both. The group is dynamic and different every day. That keeps the job refreshing, for Adam. There is also excitement as a croupier. The excitement comes from the games croupiers work on, the colleagues and the players. A croupiers job is to interact and entertain people; it doesn’t matter if the place is a land-based casino or an online casino. Some online casinos can also have a live table with a live croupier, who has to interact constantly with the screen.

Tamas Adam used to practice a lot when he was younger, because of this the technical aspects of being a great croupier is easier for him now. Acquired the title as the Best European Dealer gives him a great feeling, it’s an accomplishment from all the hours he has spent and continue to spend.

The most important element learned is learning the same game in different languages. Adam thinks this could help. However, you can never know everything. There is always more to learn, and it is a challenge to learn and adapt to the different regulations in each country.

Adam was able to work in 5 different countries and in the last ten years, he worked in Switzerland at Swiss Casinos. He described the casinos has been a great, found in superb locations that offer excellent food, beverages, and live entertainment.

Tomas Adam is currently working at Casino Pfaffikon, which is one of the four casinos operated by Swiss Casinos. He describes that Switzerland provides a great place to work. Adam has worked with many great operators from different countries, including Genting, Lucien Barriere, AIDA Cruises, and Swiss Casinos.

These places allowed him to learn a lot about different people, and become more comfortable with using different languages. He learned a lot about life in casinos in different countries while also meeting with lots of fascinating colleagues and players.

Best Advice For Croupiers

In the past, Adam has received advice from an experienced manager, and he shares the same advice with us as well. Many years ago in Aachen, an experienced manager who saw the golden age of casinos in Germany, approached Adam. He saw the focus Adam was displaying and the desire to make himself a great croupier.

The manager advised Adam to read about special things, such as whiskey and cigars (it doesn’t have to be those), that it would help him discuss these topics with his players. Adam has practiced a lot to improve his technical skills. Working in different countries and traveling for his own personal vacations allowed him to experience different cultures and languages.

As the manager advised it, it is important to make sure to have the correct work-life balance. If the work, eat, sleep, repeat is happening, then it’s impossible to provide the level of hospitality necessary to become a great croupier.

By following the given advice, Adam has developed a range of hobbies over the years, including golf and the guitar. These help him relax and forget about the casino career for a few hours a day. He also drives the F3 cars, which provides another different experience that gives him something to talk with the players about. Plus, he also likes to paint. Adam goes to the museum and visits major cultural cities like Paris and London to see different art on show.

Adam said that for some people being a croupier is just a job. He wanted to be the best and to be the fastest; he likes to compete. He has a really good feeling while competing against other great croupiers. Every casino He has worked in has helped him to be in this position.

The best advice he can give for other croupiers who want to participate at European Dealer Championship is to practice, prepare, be calm, and enjoy the competition. The EDC is great for meeting new people too.

Also, because Adam has lived and worked in many countries, He has learned multiple languages and learned simple phrases in other languages. He even learned a variety of simple phrases in over 10 languages, including Japanese.

Last Words

Adam is still practicing every day. When he was younger, he focused on improving his technical skills and speed. Over the years, he has improved his hospitality skills too. It is very important for a croupier to have great hospitality skills, to be able to read the table participants quickly and accurately, and to be able to adapt to different cultural requirements.

If a croupier adapts to the player’s requirements, it can help with making the players feel more comfortable and more at home during their time at the table. That kind of attention to detail comes from experience and practice. It cannot be trained easily.