If you’re currently facing a situation you had hoped wouldn’t happen and have to let go of some of your team in the coming months, it can be heartbreaking and stressful. No one enjoys this task, and many of us put it off for as long as possible, often to our venture’s detriment.

If you’re psyching yourself up to let employees know your decision to downsize, it’s worth utilizing outplacement services to help exit employees, rather than simply letting them fend by themselves.

Understanding Outplacement

The term ‘outplacement’ refers to a service provided by specialists who assist individuals to search for a new job after they’ve been laid off. Many businesses contract outplacement ventures to ensure they meet their duty of care to workers being made redundant.

Firms that offer these services can provide a range of programs to suit both individual and corporate needs. In most cases, though, outplacement services are used for group programs or executive management and other high-level professional staff who need individual assistance. The former is put together for companies when large-scale staff layoffs occur.

Outplacement services provide recipients with practical support during career transitions. Programs often help people identify new directions for their future and update and design an effective CV, application letters, and other documents required when seeking new roles.

They can also help users hone interview skills, develop relationships with recruiters, work on social media profiles, and execute job search plans. Plus, outplacement providers help the unemployed assess employment offers and work on negotiation strategies for optimal salary conditions.

Benefits of Utilizing Outplacement Services

There are many potential benefits for both the out of work and businesses when utilizing outplacement services. Having this kind of support means those being laid-off tend to come to terms with the shock more quickly and suffer less from blows to their self-esteem. Having access to outplacement assists people to work out what to do next, rather than floundering and wallowing for too long.

With outplacement help applying for and evaluating new job opportunities and practicing interview skills, recipients are more likely to land a new job sooner, too. This transitional assistance is a blessing for workers who may otherwise stress significantly about when and how to get a new role. Also, as an employer, you can help transitioning employees monetarily with a redundancy package or other financial benefits. Yet, people need more than this to get back on their feet quickly. Outplacement providers give workers the practical and emotional support they need at tough times.

Plus, giving ex-employees access to outplacement reduces the likelihood that companies get bad-mouthed around the industry; people feel supported rather than left out in the cold to deal with everything alone all of a sudden.

Another benefit of investing in outplacement programs as an employer is the liability side of things. Using specialist firms for this area can provide some liability protection against disgruntled workers who feel unfairly let go or otherwise treated. When supported to make plans and find a new role, people are less likely to want to get back at their former employer(s) via legal action.

If you have to lay off multiple employees, think about how the remaining staff members will feel, too. The last thing you want is for staff morale to plummet and productivity, cohesion, and other results to drop in turn. When colleagues lose their jobs, many employees feel stressed, sad, angry, frustrated, worried, unmotivated, etc., which negatively affects performance.

When people know you’ve hired outplacement firms to assist workers on the way out, though, and that exiting employees are being treated with respect and dignity, this makes a big difference. It helps your remaining team see that you care about your staff and value them as people, not just work assets.

More generally, utilizing outplacement providers can help boost your business brand and ensure you attract quality candidates when it’s again time to hire new employees. Image is important, and with everyone so connected these days, it doesn’t take much for displaced staff to vent and run down a firm’s reputation. By treating people with care, you should find they speak more positively about their experiences with the business, thus enhancing public perception of the company. C:\Users\Kellie\Downloads\job-search-276893_640.jpg

Outplacement firms cost money to hire, but as you can see from the above, the benefits that arise from doing so often outweigh this financial investment. Next time you have to let go of one or more workers, consider finding an outplacement provider to step in and improve the situation for everyone.