Throw blankets add coziness and style to the living room. You should need to choose the right color and fabric that complements the living room décor scheme. A simple guide on throw blanket size, the type of fabric, and use can help you to choose the best. Throw blankets serve many purposes. In the living room, they provide comfort and warmth while watching TV and add to the style. You may also invest in some throw blankets for the bedroom.

Choosing the right throw blankets for your couch

The best throw blanket for your couch depends on your personal preference. However, there are a few things you need to consider when choosing the right kind of throw blanket.

Here are things to consider:

  1. Design style

The general décor style in your living room can influence your choice of a throw blanket. One may opt for the modern style, minimalist, or classic styles. The current trends in throw blankets deco themes are eclectic or vintage styles. Through research, you can identify a deco style and stick to it when choosing the throw blankets.

  1. Fabric

Most people opt for fleece and microfiber fabric as they are soft, lightweight, and provide immense warmth and comfort. It can be challenging to choose from the vast fabric designs, but you may seek professional help from an interior home decor expert. Cashmere, down the fabric, and cotton are also great alternatives.

  1. Blanket size

A frequently asked question regarding throw blankets is regarding the correct size. Some people prefer big blankets, while others may prefer small, lightweight blankets. Depending on the function of the throw blanket, where you will put it after use, and who is using it, you will decide on the appropriate size. There are no standard measures for a throw blanket because preferences differ.

  1.  Number and function

One should have at most three throw blankets in the living room. But again, it depends on individual taste and preference. If you opt for many blankets in your living room, then you should consider proper storage for them in the form of a stylish basket to avoid a messy-looking living room.

  1. Displaying a throw blanket on the couch

Though the way one displays the throw blanket on the couch differs due to personal style, there are a few ways that enhance the beauty of the throw blanket decor scheme.

Below are 5 ideas on the right way to display the throw blankets on your couch:

  1. The knot approaches

The style looks good when the throw blanket hangs at the corner of your couch. You may leave the loose end hanging at the couch backside. It makes a stylish statement regarding your sense of style. You may first fold the throw blanket vertically at least twice before tying the knot. You can have at least two such tied throw blankets on a couch to enhance the decor scheme.

  1. Neat fold

A neatly folded blanket, however you place it on the couch will look stylish. One may decide to fold the blanket vertically into two, and holding it at the middle wedge, place it at the corner, middle of the couch, or on the seat cushion for a classic look. For an orderly look, you can fold the throw blanket lengthwise and drape it on the back of the couch. But ensure that the throw blanket also touches the seat base to add style.

  1. Corner drape

Most people prefer this look folded or casually thrown at the corner of your couch. Whichever way you opt to do it, it still looks beautiful. You may drape the throw blanket diagonally across the seat cushion, up and over option, or you may drape it on the seat cushion only. Others throw the folded blanket to create a ripple look. Tucking the throw blanket into the cushions makes it neater, and it doesn’t get messy when kids play around or when people sit on the couch.

  1. Waterfall style

Waterfall style is an easy throw blanket look to achieve. You may fold the blanket before executing the look or throw the blanket on the couch, but ensure it almost touches the floor. It is ideal for people with big throw blankets. You may place a contrasting throw pillow on the drape for a more beautiful look and to hold it into place.

  1. Basket storage

People who prefer a neat look for their living room may opt for storage space for the throw blankets in the living room. They will still be accessible and easy to reach. The ideal design would be to roll them neatly and place them in a stylish basket that also helps to enhance the beauty of your living room.

Focus on the positioning of the throw blanket

The position at which you put the throw pillow accentuates the room décor. There are several positions you may place the throw blanket for a stylish look. These are:

  •       Cascade along the side of the couch or on the arm.
  •       Place it at the corner for a cozier look.
  •       You may fold the throw blanket first, twist it and rest it on the arm of the couch for a neat look.
  •       Horizontally across the seat drape, especially for those who use the throw blanket frequently.

Draping the throw blanket on the footrest or the ottoman

Choosing a vibrant color enhances its décor appeal. It is also advisable to choose a textured throw blanket for its velvet or fleece texture. Matching throw pillows is advisable, but avoid the matching aspect by varying the throw blanket texture and the one-for-throw pillows. Remember also that the number of throw pillows and throw blankets you can have depends on the number of people who can sit on the sofa. Opting for a multipurpose throw blanket that one may also use for picnics or in the bedroom during cold weather enables you to get more value.

Common mistakes you should avoid when displaying throw blankets

Avoid matching the throw blanket with the couch or any other living room furniture.

Draping throw blankets on the back of the couch clumsily.

Having too many throw blankets and throw pillows. It is advisable to opt for a minimalist approach when you have both throw pillows and blankets.