Can we ever have too many shoes? From heels to flats to sandals, most of us like to have a pair of shoes for practically every occasion. Have you ever considered having a pair of dedicated sneakers for each of your activities and sports? Even if you don’t realize it, you do a lot of different activities in your fitness regimen. From trail running to basketball, weightlifting and cardio, it helps to have a dedicated pair for each activity. Let’s take a look at why this is essential, along with the types of shoes that every active woman should have.

Your Shoes Are Important

Not all shoes are created the same. While some shoes will work perfectly for powerlifting, they aren’t the pair you’d pick to run a marathon. That’s fine because manufacturers like Reebok spend years developing their sneakers for a specific activity or sport. From the way that the shoe is constructed to its shape, materials, and style, athletic shoes are meant to serve a particular purpose, and the best ones will help you elevate your performance.

It’s essential to think of your footwear as a tool first and a fashion accessory second (though some of the best brands seem to combine these two factors effortlessly). This way, your shoes will make you feel as comfortable as possible in any given activity and can provide the support you need when you really crank it up in the gym, on the court or out on the trails. It also doesn’t hurt if they look the part too.

Here are the dedicated shoes that active women should have. Keep in mind that you might not need one or a couple of these if you have no interest in basketball or powerlifting, for example. Even so, if you prefer to mix things up in your fitness regimen or are ready to try new things, these are the shoes to wear.

Basketball Shoes to Ball Out In

There’s a reason that the top players in the NBA all have signature shoes—besides a basketball, shoes are an essential piece of equipment in the sport. Have you ever tried to ball out in a pair of running shoes? While it’s doable, it’s also an ankle injury waiting to happen. In basketball, you need ankle support and an unshakable grip on the hardwood.

Preferably, you never wear them on any other surface except the court to help with longevity, and when you lace them up, you’ll know it’s time to ball out. Whether you go hightops or low-tops is up to you, but you can never go wrong with a pair of signature basketball shoes from one of the greats in the game, such as Shaquille O’Neal or Allen Iverson.

Running Shoes That Take You Farther

The right running shoes can have a considerable impact on your personal bests. That’s the reason that the running world can change in an instant when a new innovative pair hits the market. Running shoes should ideally provide you with cushioning support, be highly breathable and flexible, and incredibly lightweight too. Just like Loom lightweight running shoes which are more breathable, flexible, and provide your feet with more support and comfort. Look for a pair that is ready to handle the surface you run on, whether that’s the treadmill, pavement or trails for a better experience and improved longevity. Lace them up and take them for a test drive and you’ll soon discover how comfortable and freeing running can be.

Weightlifting Shoes to Elevate Your Lifts

Weightlifting is all about fighting against gravity and proving that you’re stronger than its pull on the weights. To achieve this goal, it helps to have maximum contact with the ground and optimal leverage to pull or push the barbell. Dedicated lifting shoes are staples in the powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting world, and many will give some credit for their best PRs to their equipment.

Along with wrist straps and lifting chalk, having the right pair of lifting shoes could make all the difference between a successful PR and an honest attempt. Choose a pair that’s well known in gyms around the world and they’ll be your companions for many PRs to come.

Walking Shoes to Get You From Point A to Point B in Stylish Comfort

Walking is an activity that we all share, and it helps to have a dedicated pair of walking shoes for those hectic days running errands or your power-walking events. While some might consider all shoes walking shoes, there are differentiating factors that make walking shoes supremely more comfortable than your run-of-the-mill sneakers.

For example, in Reebok’s legendary DMX walking shoes, they’ve embedded DMX moving air technology directly into the sock liner to provide exceptional cushioning. With every step, air moves from the heel to the toe and back again. If you’re in the 10,000 steps per day club, you’ll love wearing a pair of dedicated walking shoes.

Cross-Training Shoes for a Little Bit of Everything

While some of us have dedicated cardio days and dedicated lifting days, others will do a little bit of everything in a single workout. From sprinting to box jumps, battle ropes and more, if you need support, flexibility, and comfort, cross-training shoes are for you.

With a pair of quality cross-training shoes, you won’t feel like your workout is predetermined by your footwear. Instead, you can move, jump, run, or lift to your heart’s content all in the same pair of kicks. As a recommendation, you should check out the Nano series from Reebok. Many people cite them as among the best cross-training shoes, ready to handle whatever the workout of the day calls for. Without a doubt, such a versatile design can also be used as indoor soccer shoes.

Athletic-Inspired, Statement-Making Sneakers

If you pay attention to fashion week, then you’ll likely have noticed that sneakers have taken center stage in recent years. Streetwear culture has entered the mainstream and footwear brands like Reebok are partnering with leading designers to continue innovating on their iconic designs. With athletics serving as inspiration for the latest trends, any active woman would be remiss not to have at least one pair of athletic-inspired, statement-making shoes in their collection.

These shoes might fall into the walking shoe category or be more casual and lifestyle-based, but they are sure to make a statement wherever you go. Whether you choose to get super flashy white shoes or choose a more subdued but equally impressive silhouette is up to you, but just make sure they’re from a leading brand known for providing reliable, innovative footwear.

Find Your Perfect Pair

Shoes, being among the most critical accessories to your outfit, serve an important function. Without the right shoes, you might not be reaching your potential in your workouts, and that could hurt your overall progress. Having a pair for every activity and exercise can add a new degree of comfort and joy to your fitness regimen and might inspire you to push yourself even further. Consider the activities in your routine and shop with a trusted fitness brand to find your perfect pair.

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