Everything is sparkling clean, but after two days, it looks dirty again. Housekeeping does not last very long, especially if you live with a family. With these tips, you can keep your home clean for a long time.

#1 Distribute Cleaning Agents in The Apartment

Instead of storing all of your cleaning utensils in one place, you should store the right cleaning agent everywhere in the apartment. For example, as Debra Johnson, a home cleaning specialist with Dubai Maid Services, points out, you should put the toilet cleaner in the bathroom, the glass cleaner in the living room, and the degreaser in the kitchen.

You can grab the cleaner spontaneously and clean it quickly in between whenever you need to.

#2 Take Things Upstairs

If you live in a house or apartment, make a habit of always taking something upstairs as soon as you walk up the stairs. So there is less lying around the floor, and half the work is already done the next time you clean up.

#3 Organize the Table

Mail, keys, or handbag: the whole family often uses the dining table as a general storage area. You can counteract this if you always keep the table set.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you have to decorate everything up to the dessert fork, but just placing a plate on it will work wonders – trust me! That prevents you from putting things on the nicely laid table.

#4 Have Dust Wipers Close at Hand

Anyone who has ever used a so-called dust magnet does not want to be without it anymore. It’s best to hide a dust mop in each room and pull it out as soon as some dust builds up again.

Wipe over it once, and the surface flashes again. That delays the major cleaning a lot.

#5 Brush Pets Regularly

If you live under one roof with a cat or dog, get used to brushing your four-legged friend regularly. The brush collects all loose hair that would otherwise be spread around the apartment.

It would be best to do this outside because the hair flies around, particularly when you brush.

#6 Five Minutes of Power Cleaning

Turn up your favorite music, set your timer for 5 minutes, and try to get as much done as you can during that time. Dusting, tidying up, or vacuuming.

As soon as the timer has expired, you can leave everything where it is and go back to doing beautiful things. Just like in exercise, those five minutes a day make a huge difference. By the way, this “game” also works great with children.

#7 Use a Hand Vacuum Cleaner

Are you laboriously pulling the large vacuum cleaner out of the cupboard, looking for a socket, and dragging it behind you? It is only worthwhile for a large-scale cleaning campaign.

Our tip: get yourself a handheld vacuum cleaner that you hang in a central location on the wall. So you always have it to hand and can instantly suck on it.

#8 Collect Socks

There is nothing worse than countless socks that fly around individually after the washing machine and have to be carefully sorted again after drying. The solution: From now on, every family member gets their own laundry net.

There the dirty socks are collected and then washed. So, everyone gets their socks back, and nothing more needs to be sorted.

#9 Paint the Garage Floor

If you have a garage with a concrete floor, you should paint it with a special paint from the hardware store. Concrete settles and creates dust that we then carry into the house. A layer of paint seals the floor, so to speak, and prevents dusty floors and clothing.

#10 Little Bathroom Cleaning

Since the bathroom is a room used several times by everyone in your home, the greatest danger is that dirt and clutter will appear in the shortest possible time. But don’t worry, this statement doesn’t oblige you to polish your bathroom every day.

It is better to define smaller everyday routines t in their daily use in the bathroom. These are tiny things that help you avoid significant cleaning in the toilet every three days.

For example, you should get into the habit of wiping the sink right after brushing your teeth. In this way, you can immediately remove toothpaste residues that otherwise stick ugly to the edges of the sink until someone takes pity on cleaning the sink.

Protect the transparent walls of your shower from streaks and pull the water off immediately after showering, throw your dirty laundry into the laundry basket immediately, and keep the floor dry.