Promoting and advertising your business on Facebook is no more a matter of choice, but an inevitable act, if you want to keep your business competitive. However, with all the businesses embracing this platform, promoting and advertising your brand and your products and services have been highly competitive. As such, you need to look around for ad formats that will trigger better attraction of the customers and can retain their focus on the advertisements for the longest span. The best ad creator can extend you the best support to accomplish this plan. So, how to boost the sales figure using Facebook ads? You will get the necessary guidance in the paragraphs to follow.

1. You should focus on capitalizing on the first awareness, using the Facebook Carousel Ad

When it comes to the most engaging and appealing format for Facebook Ads, you need to give a special mention to that of the Carousel Ad. It deals with product positioning by the Re-marketing sales funnel. These ads are highly interactive, as compared with the single Video or single-image format. Typically, this format triggers better engagement and enhances the time that views spend on an ad.

The Facebook Carousel Ads can be categorized into the following categories: 

  • Copy: You may opt for the Snap-Benefit-Action method to grab better attention of the target customers on your ads. This is likely to drive more traffic to your web page, eventually boosting the volume of conversion of the prospects to actual sales. This drives the target customers to make the purchase decision faster, closing the sales within the minimum time.
  • Creative: This ad format features multiple cards that allow you to make your ads more and more creative. You have the option to use the images and videos of your products to earn better attention from the customers and retain it for a longer time. This way, advertisers can consolidate the engagement with the viewers to a greater extent.
  • Call-To-Action and Headline: You require repeating the Snap Headline used in your first Carousel Cards for reinforcing the orders. You can even add more cards for each of the core features that extend vital information about the products and services that will drive the target customers further to consider your products and services. You need to use a strong and compelling call to action statement on each card that will reinforce the intent of the buyers to invest in your products and services. You can use an offer or a deal to lure them

As a trick in this regard, you may use the InVideo’s promo video templates to develop the most compelling ads

2. Building on definite product interest with the Facebook Slideshow Advertisements

In the opinion of the experts, Slideshow is among the most underutilized ad formats on Facebook. But, it certainly can enhance the effectiveness of the ad campaigns. This is done by converting the product images into the Videos. The fact is, this format performs best if the target customer has visited your website or product pages previously. This is a highly effective way to boost the volume of sales.

What are the key components of the Slideshow Ad? 

· Starting with the product testimonial, the copy component focuses on creating social proof on an immediate basis. In case you are following it with an offer of a discount for your product, you can easily eliminate the extent of perceived risks usually associated with the decision about purchasing from a new company.

· Creative: You can make a slideshow video, featuring multiple images of your products. You can select some from the available options from the landing page for reinforcing familiarity to prevent the chances of the users churning out of the page, after clicking on the ad.

· Headline and Call-to-Action: you should always provide the discount offer as the primary Headline, followed by the discount codes appearing as the news feeds. You can use Call-to-Action statements like Shop Now that will drive the buyers to respond to your ads. Most importantly, the CTA should be compelling enough to entice the customers.

· Be informed at this instance, in case your target audience is smaller in size than the volume of the audience at the top of the funnel, you should ideally use the conversion objective. However, you need to initiate the actions by optimizing for actions, lying at the top of the Sales Funnel.

3. Diving deeper into the Product features, using the Video Ads 

It should not surprise you a bit to know that these days, video content is dominating Facebook. Probably, 1 out of every 2 advertisers opt for Video Ads for promoting their brands on Facebook. These contents not only grab the attention of the target audience faster but can retain their interest in your ads for a long time. Opting for the Video Ads, you can certainly earn an edge over your competitors, majorly relying on the image or text-based content.

You should know that the Single Video Format enables the advertisers to deploy one video as the creative one, while other videos can be used for explaining the products to the target customers.

Research suggests that by using such explainer videos, you can give a better exposure about the products to your customers, driving them to make the purchase decision faster, eventually converting the prospects to actual sales within the minimum time. Lots of users from all around the globe have tried this trick and have got the most delightful outcome. As such, you can give a try to this trick with an open mind too.

Though the tricks and tips discussed above come highly effective in designing some stand-alone video Ads for your products, however, you need to invest ample time to precisely understand the profile of your target customers and their specific likings and choices.

This will enable you to explore the format for the ad that will extend the maximum impetus to the ads for attracting better attention of the customers, eventually consolidating their engagement with your brand and your portfolio of your products and services.