Oregon witnessed its first of many reforms in the Real Estate back in the year 2002. During that time, Oregon had eliminated the category of a salesperson from the real estate sector. Thus, the state had no licenses for salespersons, and instead, the broker license became the first entry-level real estate license in Oregon. To perform any professional activity for the same, it is important to note that the broker’s license is an essential prerequisite. Accordingly, aspirants who aim for the license must get it after passing the requisite background check and complying with all the necessary stipulations.

One of the key stipulations for passing the Oregon real estate licensing regime is to comply with course commitment hours at any Oregon real estate school. Accordingly, here is a carefully curated list of the best real estate schools where candidates can easily complete their course requirements.

1. Portland Community College

The Portland Community College, Oregon, is one of the approved colleges that offer pre-license courses to the students. The college is known for its pre-licensing courses for Real Estate brokers and property managers and affiliated by the State of Oregon Real Estate Area (OREA). Courses at the college are taught by a state licensed instructor who is able to teach the course fully online. This course is unique because the state’s non-credit Real Estate Broker License Code covers all the basic topics. Additionally, the 150-hour commitment meets the requisite standards and is met at home through 7 standard topics

  • (30-Hours) Real Estate Law
  • (10-Hours) Property Management
  • (30 Hours) Real Estate Finance
  • (20-Hours) Real Estate Brokerage
  • (30 Hours)Oregon Real Estate Practices
  • (15-Hours) Contracts
  • (15-Hours) Agency

2. Norman F. Webb Real Estate Courses

If you wish to pursue live lectures in a classroom setting, then this is the perfect place for you. This is because it was established in Salem in 1962; the course lectures take place in amphitheater-style classrooms. In case you have missed a lecture, don’t worry! That is because you have the additional option of viewing the missed lecture at a later time. The course is in complete compliance with the 150-hour minimum requirements. It also includes a review session, which is held live just prior to taking the state exams. The best part is that the passing rate of the program surpasses even the state’s average.

3. Advantage Real Estate School

This school provides a completely online program mode that meets the minimum requirements as per the Oregon State. Additionally, students have a further 8-month time to complete the course. The course at Advantage has 23 practice exams, each with over 200 questions. These tests help you gain a much needed upper hand in state and national real estate broker license exams. The best part is that the students develop a lot of skills through practicing ad taking part in the various practice exams. The course admits the students on a rolling basis at any time. Furthermore, live instructors of the course are available on all weekdays between mornings 8:30 am to 5:30 pm in the evening.

4. Central Oregon Community College

At Central Oregon Community College (COCC), students tend to spend around 10 to 15 hours on a weekly basis on COCC’s real estate broker license course. This course follows a hybrid pattern stretching to 10 weeks that allows the students to complete the course quickly. It includes a real estate broker license study and, at the same time, combines the teaching method of online classes with traditional live lectures and independent study patterns. The COCC courses run between September – November, October – December, January – March, and February – April.

5. A+ Real Estate School

This is one of the best and most popular schools but is completely online-based. It is an entirely online pre-licensing course for the state of Oregon that offers extensive coverage with respect to real estate licensing courses as well as license renewal packages. The following courses are a part of the curriculum framework at this real estate school –

    • Pre-License Course for Brokers

Not only does the course meet the 150-hour commitment as prescribed by the Oregon state, but it also helps you to clinch great marks in the state and national exams, that too in one sitting. The course framework combines audio-lectures, traditional text-based learning, and interactive exams. Via a helpline 1-800 number, students can access the live counselors between Mondays to Saturday. The counselor is also available through online callback systems on Sundays.

    • Law and Rule Required Courses

After the Oregon Administrative Rule 863 and the Oregon Revised Statute 696 came out, this course was introduced to address the changes made in the existing system through these statutes. Free Technical support is included in the course wherein students can access the resources through email, phone, and online mode and access a free personal instructor via telephone or e-mail.

Oregon has every form of the program ranging from online to traditional classroom models to help you complete your course and obtain your license within the specificities of your schedule and lifestyles.