Have you ever thought about the variety of different naturally-grown plants that offer remedies alternative to modern medicine? Stated Dennis Sons of Tn Nursery, a leading mail-order plant nursery selling herbaceous plants and shipping them all over the USA. Around the world, millions have turned to the traditional methods of relieving ailments of all levels.

Today we will cover the origins, uses, and medicinal benefactors of self-administering herbal plant medicine. Tn Nursery is a Leading Supplier herbaceous plants and can confirm that these five significant herbs can maximize your health potential.

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Daisy (Bellis perennis)

Daises originate from the regions of Northern, Central, and West Europe and are referred to as Daises or “Lawn Daises.” Parts aside from Europe have naturalized this flower. It can be found in North and South America, as well as Australasia (i.e., Australia, New Zealand, plus neighboring islands). One of the most potent benefits that derive from this plant is the use of respiratory health regulation and healing. The contents of the flower, when extracted, create anti-inflammatory processes. The individual green leaves themselves can be formulated into a tea drink to alleviate Bronchitis symptoms and have also been used for inflamed Esophagus tissue. The uses for Daisy even exceed this list; It is best served fresh in a consumable form for best results.

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Cohosh (Actaea racemosa)

Cohosh perennial plant (otherwise known as Black Cohosh) originated from North America. A top note to remember about this plant is that it makes for an excellent estrogen hormone therapy. This includes help with fertility, menstrual cycles, and female mental health regularity. Another treatment involving this plant includes hormonal balancing. When it comes to menopause, adult females can find a use for this for balancing out mild to severe symptoms. Lastly, it has healthy, beneficial services for fertility. A study was conducted to show the effects on female human fertility and found that it improved pregnancy chances and ovulating schedules. Overall, using Cohosh can improve total female reproductive and homeostasis in supplemental form.

cone flower, purple cone flower, echinacea purpurea

Purple Cone Flower (Echinacea Purpurea)

The Purple Coneflower is widely known all over the world. Its first uses started with the Native People of the Americas to cure a variety of illnesses and viruses. It was and is still the most common use for the common cold, flu-like symptoms, or anything related as such. Another benefit was found to help aid with chronic pain.

Majority of the pain types that it alleviated revolved around migraines, inflammatory, and physical pain (i.e., arthritis). The natural chemical properties of the purple coneflower are mostly phenolic acids, polyacetylenes, caffeic acid, and alkamides—these aid in showing improved blood sugar levels and overall immune health.

The Antioxidant properties are powerful in aiding your body’s natural oxidative processes. Stress, in general, has been linked to a variety of debilitating illnesses, such as cancer and diabetic ketoacidosis. The combination of rosmarinic acid, cichoric acid, and flavonoids plays a big roll in boosting defense against stress and the excess build-up of cortisol.

The most popular form of administering is by extraction from the organic matter (i.e., fruit, flower). Lower amounts are extracted from the root and leaves, which is preferred for herbal tea consumption or tinctures. In general, the combined remedial uses for the Purple Coneflower serve as an excellent overall medicine in immune health, diabetes, and chronic pain.


Golden Seal (Hydrastis canadensis)

The Golden Seal started its origins when 20th century Navy sailors would consume it for aiding Hay fever symptoms; Numerous illnesses like it ran rampant during wartime on ships for long periods. The scientific named goes by Hydrastis Canadensis. Its roots originated from the North Americas. Not only has it become popular in the Americas, but also became a worldwide use in a variety of herbal supplements. If taken by consumption, it can be extremely beneficial to overall digestive health, gum disease, and dermatologic health. The alkaline properties are what allows for the latter healing process to occur naturally when taken. Alkaloids themselves have an enormous benefit in aiding the body with homeostasis. Specifically, it targets issues with antibacterial protection, as well as restoring inflammatory defenses.

Another addition to the use of this miraculous plant is the aiding benefit of female hygiene and wellness. It aids with restoring vaginal health and pH levels. This can be taken in a capsule for best results in a series or daily for periods at a time. It is commonly found in laxatives, Gastro-intestinal tract health products, and sinus/flu prevention.

It is rich in not only alkaline but hydrastine, canadine, and berberine. These compounds are linked to substantial inflammation reduction and alleviation. In terms of the digestive, it can also reverse and prevent intestinal disease, indigestion, as well as a variety of other disorders. The dermatologic benefits range from preventing skin disorders to dermis health as a whole. It aids with the reproducing of healthy skin cells. The human skin is known as the largest organ in the human body, so this is a vital supplement to help maintain its health for a lifetime.

When one thinks of using it, you may want to be aware of the fantastic benefits it possesses for fighting upper respiratory tract infections. Studies have been conducted in observing the health benefits in animals when administered to them. It was found that it is responsible for the use of berberine.

Berberine is the main active ingredient that fights against infectious diseases and harmful bacteria. Another benefit many are not aware of are of its detoxifying capabilities. Many people use the plant remedy to pass upcoming drug tests, or just to clean their system overall. Golden Seal is a fantastic remedy for all your infection defense and internal cleansing needs.

Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale)

The Dandelion plant we all have heard of and can picture easily. However, many are not aware of its useful qualities. Dandelions are from the regions of East Asia and the Americas. In ancient Eastern traditions, the roots were harvested to make a variety of consumables. It was common to make easy-to-eat treats, tinctures, and cook within food/meals.

It made it easier to treat liver disease, like Cirrhosis, and heartburn. It has also been proven to aid in diabetes, Crohn’s disease, and patients with high cholesterol. Due to the diuretic nature of this plant, it was commonly referred to amongst westerners as the “piss-a-bed/pissenlit”.

Compared to other plants, it gives boosts in body water retention rates and preventing ketosis in diabetics. One of the longest standings in history, especially in ancient medicine, the Dandelion continues to supersede the expectations of new users in the herbal world.

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Despite what is currently offered for medicine today, now you have a better understanding of the uses and benefits of choosing herbal-based therapy. The services range from anti-inflammatory to aiding reproductive health, all the way to virus treatment and diabetic prevention. These 5 natural life-saving plants will always be a lovely addition to improving health overall. Tn Nursery Is A Leading Supplier herbaceous plants, so it’s safe to say one can have the choice now to still use modern medicine, or maybe try a nutritious Daisy Tea Tincture as an alternative. The possibilities of herbal medicine are endless, and ever-growing today. Try something new, and reap the benefits!