There is something about movie-themed slots which makes them stand out compared to other types of slots. Whether it is the association with big-budget Hollywood blockbusters or the famous film stars which appear as part of the games, movie-themed slots are something special.

They have been around ever since online slots first became popular and even in the days when land-based casinos used to be more popular than their online counterparts you could see movie-themed slots such as Top Gun or Jurassic Park slots adorning the most famous Las Vegas venues.

These days there is much more potential for creating movie-themed slots so much so that there are whole franchises such as Marvel and DC Comics which churn one hugely popular film after another and that present perfect opportunities for slots game developers.

Furthermore, slots based on vintage films turn into vintage slots themselves. For example, films such as Top Gun are still popular with slots creators and even now you can find slots based on the ultra-popular 1980s flick and others if you check out the newest slots UK offers.

This means that slots based on films remain in demand even years after the film’s initial release and that is definitely a testament to the fact that movie-themed slots are popular with both players and casino operators.

Terminator 2 Slot

The second Terminator film, Terminator 2: Judgement Day is by far the most iconic film of the James Cameron franchise. As such it has provided quite the platform for many slot creators, and no game is as popular as Microgaming’s Terminator 2 Slot.

The video slot is made up of 5 reels and has 243 pay lines. Its main features include bonus rounds, wild symbol, multipliers, scatters, and free spins. All of the main characters of the James Cameron cult classic are there, and players can look forward to seeing T-800 also known as The Terminator played by none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger, as well as characters such as the evil T1000, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s metallic skeleton, Sarah Connor, and the young John Connor.

The game is a real delight if you love the popular sci-fi classic and will be loved by both players who are playing to turn slots into a business and to players who are there just so that they can have fun.

Man of Steel Slot

As we said in the beginning, the Marvel and DC Comics films provide great platforms for game developers trying to create highly engaging slots for their players. A good example of this is the new Man of Steel slot based on the 2013 box office hit.

In the film, Henry Cavill is Superman and comes on Earth as Clark Kent trying to blend in and live as a normal human being even though he is an alien possessing superhuman strength. And while we are sure that you are quite familiar with the story of how Superman came to be, we are not quite sure that you know just how awesome the Playtech Man of Steel slot, part of their DC Super Heroes Jackpot series, actually is.

The game contains all prominent characters appearing in the film and in addition to Superman, you can recognize Martha and Jonathan Kent, as well as Perry White while playing the slot. The Man of Steel title has 25 paylines which turn into 50 paylines during the Krypton free games. The biggest advantage of this Jackpot slot over other regular slots is the fact that any spin can activate the jackpot game which gives players access to 1 of 4 mystery prizes.