When it comes to body-building supplements, an element that’s often discussed in line with them is Epicatechin. We’re here to debunk myths and reinforce the facts behind this bio compound and what it really does to your body. Here’s your guide on Epicatechin.

Epicatechin Explained 

What is Epicatechin? Medically defined, this is a flavonoid compound that’s considered a “booster.” In other words, it has bioactive properties that enable enhanced processes. It increases the production of nitric oxide. And as a result, blood flow is stabilized for lowered blood pressure.

This vasodilator is responsible for helping your blood vessels so that consequently, your muscles will be able to move with ease and smoothness.

Now, what of epicatechin and workout supplements?

Benefits Of Epicatechin 


If you’re a body-builder, then this muscle-building antioxidant flavonoid is something you’re going want to try and look into. It has the capacity to affect the growth of muscle mass, and can, therefore, increase your body’s muscle-building prowess.

In addition, it works well with follistatin by allowing your bodily functions to metabolize fat quicker while continually supporting muscle strength.

Higher Levels Of Endurance 

A second major benefit of epicatechin is that it amplifies endurance abilities. Instead of letting your muscles wear down easily, epicatechin will counter this by growing and strengthening muscles (as mentioned earlier). And it will help you stay on in prolonged strenuous physical activities.

You’ll find yourself able to go through lengthier routines better than average, and able to course through difficult workouts will more stamina.


Thirdly, energy. It’s not enough to merely be able to withstand long periods of exercising. You need to be able to put in a steady amount of effort the whole way through. Otherwise, you’ll be dragging your body (maybe even literally) to finish your routines.

Therefore, epicatechin is a good option for wanting to get to that anaerobic power apex so that along with strength and endurance, the amount of energy you’ll expel will somewhat be constant from start to finish.

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Sources Of Epicatechin

Aside from workout supplements, there are natural food items that are good sources of epicatechin. You can have them as add-ons to your favorite pre and post workouts.


Besides being excellent antioxidants, tea has large amounts of epicatechins per serving. We’re especially zeroing in on green tea here. Its anti-inflammatory characteristic assists with easing your muscles as it recovers after a tough workout.

Blackberries, Cherries, Raspberries 

These fruits are brimming with catechins and epicatechins and can stabilize blood flow. In turn, muscles can endure intense physical activities, and the risk of wear-and-tear will be lessened. To further this, these berries have complex carbohydrates that constantly renew your body’s levels of energy.

Cocoa And Cocoa Food And Drink Products

Cocoa. Yes, cocoa! Of course, with this, please be careful about the types of products to choose from. Don’t go for sugar-laden chocolates and whatnot! Stick to dark chocolate, natural cocoa powder, and other similar low-sugar eats and drinks.

That said, cocoa has polyphenols that assist with muscle fatigue and may even heighten your muscle’s ability for higher exercise performance.