The best casino in the world is the one where you’re currently winning, but we know that’s not why you clicked on this article. You want to know which casinos are the biggest, the brightest, the most ostentatious of all. So, here is a list of ten of the ones we think qualify, in no particular order.

The Bellagio

While not the largest casino in Vegas, this casino is one of the most elegant. Its most famous features are its fountains and its poker room where the World Series of Poker is held. If you visit Vegas, don’t miss the fountain show!

Foxwoods Resort Casino

This casino, located in Connecticut, is the second largest in America. It is run by the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe Nation and sits on more than 9,000,000 square feet! From bingo games to exotic things like Pai Gow, it’s played here.

Casino Estoril

While far smaller than Foxwoods, Casino Estoril is the largest casino in Europe and the first to open there. If you’re a European and you want to go to a big casino without traveling too far, this is a great option to enjoy some gaming and a little bit of history at the same time.

MGM Grand Las Vegas

It’s no surprise that Las Vegas would be on this list. This resort destination used to have the largest hotel in the world when it first opened and is still one of the largest casinos on the strip.

Casino de Monte-Carlo

While there are far flashier casinos, Monte Carlo is one of the oldest and most prestigious. Located in the tiny nation of Monaco, this casino is for those who love the class. One of its claims to fame is its large variety of table games. Trente et Quarante, anyone?

The Empire Casino

Located in London, this is a newer casino that has risen quickly to the top. It is much like a Las Vegas casino, giving the British a chance to experience this style of gaming without paying for a lengthy plane trip.

Caesar’s Palace

Caesar’s Palace is arguably the most well-known casino in the U.S. Whether you want to play slots or go bet on horses, this Roman-themed casino has over 150,000 feet of gaming space and a dedicated sports betting area.

Rio Casino Resort

The big gambling cities of the world get all the credit, but if you’re in South Africa, you don’t have to travel far to get a great casino experience. Rio Casino Resort in Klerksdorp is the largest casino complex south of the equator and the largest casino in Africa.

The Venetian (Macau)

While designed off of its counterpart in Las Vegas (also recommended!), Venetian Macau is in a class all by itself. It is the largest casino in the world with 500 tables and 3400 slot machines. But it’s not just for gaming. It is like the Disney World of gambling. Yes, even families with children can have a good time here.

City Of Dreams

As if the Venetian wasn’t enough, across the street is its main competition, the City Of Dreams casino. This is home to the largest club in the city, world-class restaurants, and a high-energy atmosphere. Young singles who are looking to dance and gamble the night away won’t find a better location.

No matter where you live, there is a gambling destination for you to add to your bucket list. Whether you want to try to win some money or just want to see some spectacular architecture and displays, any of these places are sure to excite you.