Each day the number of translation companies increases. The challenging part for you is choosing the best and most legit translation agency to help your business grow.

Every business like yours has its criteria, making it difficult to find a translation service that meets all your expected needs. 

You should first choose from its two categories to decide to hire a translation agency for your business. First is the human translation, and second is the machine translation.

Both types of translation services have pros and cons. If your company needs either one, look for a legit translation that provides these services. 

A human translation can provide great service because you can interact with them. Not just that, but you can personally direct your translator on your company’s weakness that needs improvement. 

On the other hand, machine translation offers quality translation, too; it provides you instant output and convenience. However, it is not reliable all the time. 

If you are looking for legitimate translation agencies, make sure you base it on your company’s needs. If you think that your chosen agency offers you a great deal and can comply with your needs, you can start working with them. 

We have listed a list of the best and most legitimate translation agencies you can trust for newbies. 

The Best And Legitimate Translation Agencies You’ll Find Today.

If you want to make sure that you are interacting with legit translation agencies, you can use this article as your guide in attending to your needs. 

1. The WordPoint Agency

The team of wordpoint.com is a provider that will provide you with the great translation output that your company needs. Translators in this company are fully qualified, efficient, and competent to work with. 

Their employees are specialized in working with legal and general documents so that you can guarantee great feedback. 

2. The GeniusTranslation Agency

The GeniusTranslation agency takes second place in this list because of its outstanding translation service. In this agency, you cant expect them to translate your content into a wide range of languages. 

Being creative in translating content and creating format are the ones that make this company worth getting a deal. If you want to deal with a fast working translation agency for your urgent jobs, you can take Genius translation agency to become your trusted agency. 

3. The DayTranslation Agency

The day translation agency provides clients with a modern website with easy navigation options. In terms of pricing, it will depend on what kind of document you want them to translate for you. In this agency, they offer two methods; human and machine translation. 

Moreover, they offer several different languages that you can use in your company. If you take your company to several countries abroad, this agency is for you.

4. The LanguageLine Agency

The language line agency can provide you with a translation, localization, and quality interpretation of your company’s needs. They also use modern websites that contain two different languages that can attend to your needs. 

If you want to translate your service or product into different languages, the language line agency is for you. 

5. The Strake Translation Agency 

If you’re looking for an agency that can rely on both machine and human translators, the strake translation is your best choice.  

Moreover, you can check their respective online for more details. You also ask their customer service for more details about their services. 

A Legitimate Translation Agency 

If you are a starter in the business world and you have no idea how to manage to look for a legitimate translation agency, we’ve got you covered.

A legitimate translation agency, their site has numerous options that you can click and choose from. They can offer you 2 or more languages depending on the expertise of your chosen translation agency. 

Usually, an agency with a large language translation capacity is more advantageous if you are in big business industry. Take note you should prefer your need to the basis of what kind of translation agency you will deal with. 

You should have enough knowledge regarding the experience of a translation agency. The more experience theft has, the greater quality it can provide. 

Experience is also one pillar of a great company. It is why considering an agency experience in service is essential that you not take note. 

Translation agencies usually rate their service by the words they translate. It means that the more words to be translated, the higher it costs. 

Moreover, their chat support should always be open 24/7. If not, you may need to move to your second option of a translation agency that can attend to your needs right away. 

In terms of the payment process, legitimate translation agencies provide a contract you can sign before dealing with their service. Under it, you’ll find their terms and conditions and how much you should pay. Usually, they don’t ask for full payment until they are done with the task you’ve provided.


The best and most legitimate translation agency has its respective website that you can interact with. Once you interact with their customer service, you’ll get an answer right away. 

An agency with the best translation is transparent on their different services; you can easily choose the language numbers on their website. 

Lastly, translation agencies have different prices and services. If you want to deal with other countries abroad, you may need an agency that can translate a wide range of languages for you and vice versa.

You can’t choose a translation website that only offers a few language translations if you target many people with different cultures.